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Universal Venus Period December 6th - January 26th

The Universal Venus Period is a 52-day cycle of art, Love, and play. This is an amazing time to hold a Zoom Holiday Party, watch movies, attend virtual concerts, and play around in nature. Venus brings attention to our appreciation of different forms of art, both man-made and from the Earth. By taking time to explore the natural world, create art, or play around with a home project to help beautify the space, you will be in alignment with the forces that support these endeavors. This is a great time to recreate your space for comfort, beauty, and fun. As the most popular time to shop all year, this is a great opportunity to indulge in nice things that make you feel good. Venus rules over sensuality, self-indulgence, and luxury.

Venus is known as the planet of Love. This is the best time for romantic evenings, aphrodisiacs, pampering each other, and lots of passion. This is one of the more favorable times to propose marriage or get married. Men can ask women for anything at this time, as she will be more open to saying yes. It is also an amazing time to beautify the self with special self-treatments and "spa days" at home. Aromatherapy, incense, scented candles, and other sense-enhancing tools support harmony in the Universal Venus Period. This is also a wonderful time to buy a new house plant and bring more nature into the space.

Venus brings out a playful heart. Remember who you were as a child and bring out the inner youthfulness that likes to have a good time. In this time of harmony, we have to balance all of the stress and hard work we experience daily with some time off and play. Venus celebrates the little victories of the year and asks that we take a break and have some fun.

Call upon Archangel Hanael, The Grace of God, who bestows Love and Happiness. Archangel Hanael helps to guide us back to the heart when we have lost our way. She supports the "dream", and tapping into the beauty of the imagination. When we take action to restore harmony in nature, in our relationships, and in our emotions, Archangel Hanael can help to guide the way. Invoke Archangel Hanael when you need support with Love relationships, restoring balance, or creating more space for fun, play, and a deeper connection to nature.

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