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Vibes In Motion...

Positive vibes don't come with a mask,

Seeing the Truth is an easy task.

A vibe is authentic and pure in intent,

It is not something to misrepresent.

Smiles and clothing to look real nice,

Saying the right thing for a certain price.

Illusions exist on the physical plane,

Control and power make people insane.

Pay attention to the vibes around,

Never let another person put you down.

Observe and listen to all of the signs,

Ask questions and read between the lines.

Don't fall for the trap of power and greed,

Listen to intuition, thrive, and succeed.

When asked to be someone who you are not,

Don't even give it a single thought.

Follow the Love that seeds in the heart,

Do what is right from the very start.

Each of us is here to be our best,

Our true nature is put to the test.

Serve others freely and act with Love,

Take your energy high up above.

Your vibe will take you up to the stars,

No one can touch you from here to Mars.

The truth is clear, we are here to be good,

This vibe is very well understood.

Blessings abound when the heart rises,

Destiny is activated with no compromises.

Truth & Love carry us to the high wisdom,

When spirit sees our Light has risen.

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