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Waters of Transmutation...

It is the 38th week of the year and this 11 archetype of Justice teaches us how to live authentically and in alignment with who we are and what we incarnated to become in this lifetime. We are not here to live the dreams and ambitions of others - including our parents/family, friends/peers, spiritual leaders, mentors/life coaches, or elders. Every choice that we make for our lives impacts us directly, and we can never impact other people who are also making their own choices. Living a life without attachments or expectations, we learn that the inner journey is the unveiling of Divine Truths. The Universe lives inside of each of us, so why would we look to outside forces to guide us there? It is by the grace of the Universe that each of us learns valuable wisdom that supports the next step forward. We earn it by our desire and search for the Truth. What we seek, we become. So why would we ever give another individual power over ourselves or our right to choose what is best for our lives? This is the furthest thing from living authentically. Every person we meet or have a connection with is a teacher or guide along the way. It is most important that we listen to the voice of the heart inside to make every important choice in our personal lives. At the end of the day, we live with ourselves and our choices and there is no one that has the power to choose for us when we have healthy boundaries.

Research shows that people who accept guilt trips from others, who depend upon other people's opinions to create their happiness, or who have loose boundaries, are those who complain that they are unhappy the most. It is those who decide not to complain, hold grudges, change for other people, resent criticism, or allow others to bring out the worst in them that find their inner voice and stop reacting to the environment on the outside. It is not about anyone or anything else. Each of us plants happiness seeds from an inner peace and knowing of who we are and what our purpose is. Until we have uncovered that, we are searching outside for an answer that will only ever come from the inside. We can read all of the books in the world and take all of the classes and workshops on how to do everything we want to do, but life has its own deeper and real- time lessons to teach us. Living every day more present and open to receiving these teachings from life is the best course of wisdom that one can ever take.

Meditate on that inner and most Divine source of mastery. Contemplate the Light that you emanate from in the center of your heart. This is a powerful time of Truth, and the real Truth can only be unveiled from the inside. Enjoy the journey of the breath that activates and enlivens the universe within in order to understand and appreciate the universe without. The time invested in self-Love and exploration is the sacred savings account that can be used throughout life when needed. Inner wisdom yields outer power. The alignment of who we are as human beings with who we are as spiritual beings is the ultimate superpower. Tap in and tune up - it's time to bring your brilliance from the inside out to the world to share!

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