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We Are Called

From the Sacred Lands that our ancestors walked to the concrete jungles we drive and navigate through today, we truly are the blessed ones. The human family has been responsible for taking care of the land and animals. We are the ones who will bear the burdens of of our collective mistakes now or in the past. In this time of great transition we must reach into the depths of our memory bank of harmony, kindness and Love. Daily, give thanks for the Sun, Water, Air, Soil and to the Great Spirit who cradles all life. When we willingly change our ways to rehabilitate ourselves and our surroundings, we are blessed with a balanced perspective. We are the problem and the solution all wrapped up and ready to open. Over eons, our collective duties have been and are received from Divine by various scribes and conduits of Light. The messages are loud and clear. The time is now. Change is imminent. We are called as we are beyond qualified to take this pressing leap of faith forward. The leap of trust. The leap of kindness. The leap of community. The leap into Unconditional Love.

And remember...

Smile as much as possible.

Peace, Health and Love to all,


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