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Weekly Insight: Gratitude Grows Miracles...

That which we appreciate and are grateful for in our lives grows. If energy attracts or repels energy, then we have to understand the inner workings of the life we have manifested. The endings and beginnings that we initiate happen because of what we hold inside our hearts and minds. When we find a Love mate that we truly bond with on all levels, we wake up each day grateful to spend another moment with them. When we create a meal that tastes and smells like heaven, we are so grateful for the food, energy, and hands that allowed this manifestation to happen. Gratitude wells up within us when our inner world aligns with our outer world. The moment we lose gratitude and no longer feel thankful for what we manifest, the universe responds by removing it from our reality. This spiritual law serves as the seed of the greater reality that we create - as within, so is without.

The Love that grows inside of us is equivalent to the Love that grows outside of us. This is an energetic system that flows in our lives on a daily basis. We have relationships with family, partners, friends, co-workers, and our people we see in our daily interactions. There are deeper relationships and more shallow ones, but either way, these are people that we share energy with. When we Love with condition, then these relationships can be severed easily if there is a disagreement. When we Love unconditionally, then we are able to establish healthy boundaries, while accepting that we all have "good" and "bad" within us. It is not judging, not cutting an experience out of your life when it feels too difficult to swallow, but taking the most challenging moments inside in meditation for healing, forgiveness, and growth. Every being is our teacher. There are no mistakes or bad or wrong people or situations. It is a Divine architecture and perfect creation that pushes each of us to our maximum levels in order to extract the deepest and most powerful inner strength and healing. Life has a way to pull out our very best inside by pushing us through our most extreme challenges. It is the definition of alchemy. This gift offers us the perspective of Oneness and Unity Consciousness.

Where in life are you feeling hurt, pain, or anger? Each day, imagine that those people and experiences were sent from the highest Light and Love in the Universe in order to break you open to the power of unconditional Love. These are the feelings and thoughts that are meant to be broken through in order to reach a deeper part of the self. Instead of seeing the wrongs that have happened, try focussing on the deeper lesson, the self-healing, and the gift of Truth that manifested as well. The broader, deeper perspective is what allows us to merge back with gratitude. The grateful attitude is what manifests more things to be grateful for. Just because someone or something has been a painful energy in your life, it doesn't mean that it has come from a bad place. The darkest and deepest energies birth the greatest Light and most powerful transformation because life is a paradox. When we can embrace it all as a force to learn, grow, and expand with instead of something "good" or "bad", then we can allow it to teach us something valuable without causing much pain. In this New Moon, find ways to see through the pain and into the deeper meaning and lesson that the Universe wants to teach.

It is a powerful time to direct the energies in our lives toward our purpose and mission. This is where freedom lives. As soon as you become grateful for your life, your life becomes a magical and miraculous blessing. Focus on what you are creating, what you Love the most, and the lessons that can be extracted in every moment. The blessings come from within - so bless your life with the Love that dwells inside. You and your life are a miracle!


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