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Weekly Insights

Embracing The Past In Order To Create A New Future

Change is something we grow to accept as the years pass. Observing gradual change and experiencing sudden abrupt change are two different animals, just as initiating change and having change imposed upon us are. No matter how this powerful change decides to arrive, it can only manifest blessings when we wrap it up with Love. Whatever was left behind becomes our past. Sometimes our past is filled with pain and suffering, and other times it is a build up of Love that finally pops itself and bursts through. We have experienced some of the most profound and life-changing shifts for the past 5 years. A new world is birthing. We keep praying for this Loving energy to come, but we have neglected to take the time to find Love and Peace in the past. Opening that wound can be painful, but truly embracing the blessings to come is embracing the journey that got us here. Whether you were wronged or you wronged someone, our ability to cultivate Love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding, and humility creates the Light to be able to see clearly where we are headed next. The darkness of holding on and being resentful and angry causes the illusion that we are moving forward while we are walking back into our old suffering once again. We are all humans, and no one is above another. At the same time, the Light we choose to hold helps us to rise above and beyond the pain of the past. This week is a New Moon Solar Eclipse and a push to be flexible and open to transformative change. See the opportunities in the shifts that are open to you now, and cultivate inner strength and courage to create magic where there seems to be chaos. Each of us holds great power over our shifting reality in the way we choose to accept or deny it. Embrace what was, create in the moment, and get excited about what is coming. Life is pure alchemy, and we are driving our energy vehicles toward our greatest and highest good.

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