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Weekly Insights: A Full, Cold Moon Shines Its Light...

The Cold Moon is a high-rising lunar event that takes longer to set due to its position in the night sky. It is up there, shining brightly in order to illuminate the Truths that may have been hard to see in the past. It is a time of dismantling our old beliefs in order to align to the reality we have experienced in a greater way. We don't always believe the Truth the first time we meet it. In fact, for some, it takes decades to realize what has really been happening while they have lived on an island called "Denial". The good news is that everything unfolds in its own timing and in its own Divine way. We can let go of how long it has taken for us to realize something deep and powerful, and be grateful that we came to the realization of Truth at all. This Full Moon is in Cancer, which is ruled by the Moon and connects to our feeling centers and emotional bodies. When we tune into the flow within, we can navigate through the illusions of our lives in order to uncover what is real. This is when we truly begin living our destiny.

The journey into heart home is one of struggle and pain. To grow, there has to be a birth. Birth is both beautiful and painful, but it sends us directly into our greater purpose. There is a big sacrifice and a lot of strength that comes out of birthing oneself into a life that honors, trusts, and follows the soul's guidance. It takes cutting ties with "outer control" in order to amplify one's "inner control". The ability to know oneself enough to only accept what is in the highest and greatest good is part of the journey into the soul. When the soul doesn't "fit" into the tapestry of life that has been created for them, then they have to manifest a change. For some, there has been a training or mental control of sorts to numb reality enough to never question the path that was chosen for them. Whatever got the being to walk away from soul guidance doesn't matter. What is most important is the awakening into one's heart in order to live in Truth and harmony with the destiny that was meant for each soul essence. We all have a purpose and a higher path. Whether we choose it or not is up to us. Our free will is what defines the road ahead from a road that "could be". This is a fresh start and a new opportunity to listen and grow with the soul. How are you starting 2024? We wish you have the strength, the power, and the Love to listen and follow your soul guidance and path of destiny that is written in your heart. May the end of 2023 allow a release of past, a new perspective, and a deep heart healing to guide the way into the most amazing New Year ahead. Blessings and Love To All!

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