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Weekly Insights: Balance & Equality...

Spring Equinox is a very special and sacred time of year. It is also a New Moon and new beginnings represents a fresh new start. Interestingly enough, the Vernal Equinox translates to a "fresh" new time of beginnings and seed planting. The Sun is shining upon the equator, teaching us to focus on coming back in balance. This is a sacred time of meditation on areas where we have fallen into extremism or minimalism. Too much or too little signifies imbalance in our bodies, and it also symbolizes imbalances in our energy fields. If there are areas that are extreme or obsolete, then we have to ask ourselves, why?

There is a big difference between being passionate about something and being obsessed with it. This can manifest in things we either like or dislike. As neither passions or obsessions should be in charge of our lives, when we feel desperate or in a big rush to please our ego-driven expectations, that is a big red light that imbalance is guiding the way. The Hanged Man is here to remind us that our attachments and expectations need to be put into check. No matter what it may be, letting go in order to be present for 'Big Picture' life blessings of the moment means that you are living in the present. Living in the present is the greatest gift we can give ourselves for ultimate health and happiness. It allows us to plunge into life, heart first, and make the most of every moment. Presence is the ultimate freedom and ability to enjoy the lives we have chosen to live. When one chapter closes, the present consciousness says to be grateful and move on, feeling blessed for what was once the present, and has now become the past. The next moment of presence becomes the gift and blessing of the now.

There is a balance that comes when we realize that we don't have control over

everything. This simple understanding takes us away from blame and shame, and gives space for surrender. Sometimes this knowing of when to let go is a great allowing for a higher source to take over. When we resist, we sometimes create more suffering than is needed. It becomes an inner fight of the soul, which causes a physical brain response that results in stress, shutting down speech and communication, increasing heart rate, and narrowing mental focus. Surrender then becomes the complete and ultimate freedom, and the healthy choice for life and longevity.

Ultimately, harmony manifests in a variety of way. It is here in our seasons to remind us of our natural way of being. The equinox and solstice times are sacred. They are moments when time takes a pause to allow us to check in on ourselves for self-preservation. What needs healing at this time? Allow the Sun to shine on any shadows, both mentally, emotionally, and physically. Take a pause to check in and set new goals and intentions. Much like the Gregorian calendar marks a new year, the Spring Equinox is the Earth's celebration of new beginnings. What is your heart calling for at this time? We wish you a joyful, healing, and blessed Spring season!

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