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Weekly Insights: Dream Weavers...

From the Greeks and Ancient Egyptians to the prophets in the scriptures, the idea of life as a great tapestry woven together with all forms and species has been part of our evolutionary history. There are master weavers who can spin the threads of life, make sure each length of stay is right, and make cuts in energies or relationships when needed. Each thread of life has a purpose, and when woven together, we are able to see how Divinely perfect and imperfect the tapestry becomes. One cut thread still hangs on by so many others that have found themselves attached over time. Inevitably, all lines lead back to one another, intertwined, connected, and stronger together. There are different styles, colors, textures, patterns, shades, and types of tangled threads. Each able to dress a canvas of its own in the most special and unique way. But when they are put together, they sing in harmony and add so much more depth, feeling, purpose, and experience to its overall existence.

We can never fully unwind ourselves from the tapestry because there is a common thread that links us together for life. We are bound together by our Earthly contract, and our heart strings are interconnected on many different levels. Each pattern varies, and the knots and tangled areas add a bit of unpredictable beauty that keeps us on our toes. As living souls of the universe, we are knit together with Love. The Light guides us to illuminate the beauty in one another, working together to create healing patterns and connections that inspire others and help to make a positive difference. When we truly understand how fragile our thread is alone and how much stronger we are when we weave together, then we manifest choices that create a new, well-woven fabric. Deep connections heal broken areas, and inspiring visions manifest a world that holds space for all living beings to weave peacefully together. Together we can untangle the chaos and wind ourselves back together, neatly filled with inspired potential.

The patterns we weave can ultimately guide the currents of our lives forward in that direction. There can be tangled webs that we weave, or there can be be beautiful rhythms and patterns that we sew. Either way, the final cloth of our creations is an intertwining of all of our life experiences, and is unique and sacred in its own way. May we weave together Truths instead of illusions, freedom instead of fear, and peace instead of war. Life will continue to make patterns out of our creations, it is up to us to live with more compassion, kindness, and grace. One thread at a time, we have the power to mend together the broken pieces and create a treasure of beauty from all of our existences. Too much tension makes the yarn break, while not enough causes it to sag. It is time to tie up the loose ends of 2023 and cut off the frayed pieces of the past. We are gearing up to twist together to form a new shelter for our hearts to grow, and it is beautiful!

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