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Weekly Insights: Endings Pave the Way for New Beginnings...

How many different phases have you experienced in your life already? Yet, when we are faced with that turning point and have to let go of something in order to move forward, there can be some resistance or fear that tries to interfere and stop it from happening - even when it is good for us. There is a name for it... metathesiophobia, the fear of change that causes persistent unrealistic and intense anxiety when facing a new situation or experience. Maybe our fears are not this extreme (or maybe they are)... but either way, we are not always in control of the changes that happen in our lives. Actually, we are only in control of how we react to the things that happen in our lives. We could never predict an Earth shift like a storm, fire, earthquake, etc, where everything we know as "our life" suddenly changes. Or perhaps anxiety build because we believe that we will never (fill in the blank) again... find love, work, play, travel, have fun, be in shape, etc. Humans fear what they can't control, and the truth is that nothing is completely under our "control". So what are we really afraid of?

Change is necessary for growth and evolution, and when we fight against change, it can get in the way of us living up to our fullest potential. Humans are the most adaptable species. We go through all kinds of tests and trials, and have still been able to rise to great heights and perform miraculous achievements. The will of humans can be extremely powerful, and there is truly nothing that has proven to be "impossible". Even the word itself says "I'm possible". The tragedy is not believing in ourselves enough to give our dreams a chance, and simply try. Why is change such a scary thing to do? What do we have to lose when we only have this one life, in this body, with this mind, and in this space?

Specialists will say that we are hard wired to control our surroundings as much as we can. This is why so many people are living in a fantasy world, or "virtual reality". It is much easier to just create your own reality than it is to accept one that we didn't choose for ourselves... or is it? Whatever someone else chooses for their life is really none of our business, so we have to focus on our own realities. We will rise at times and we will fall at times. Things will not be perfect and they certainly won't always go our way. This is why life is such a dance. Two steps forward, one step back, three steps left, four steps right. When we can learn to make it a dance, and have fun in the process, then it really doesn't matter what happens. We are enjoying the journey and the end result is not the most important part. Just like a great movie, there will be twists and turns, heart moments and heart breaks, and abundance and conservation. When we get through a big challenge, we can't stay there in the old emotion. We have the opportunity to take steps forward and onto the next phase of life.

Looking back keeps us in the past, and worrying about what might happen keeps us in the future. So who is going to look after the present? Why do we call NOW a present? What kind of gift do we need to focus on unwrapping right here and right now? When that is the primary focus, and we are no longer sad about what was or worried about what will be, then we will find true freedom. Change feels good when we are creating it here and now. Enjoy this new moon week, and welcome in the new shifts and changes in energy with an open heart. May you be infinitely blessed by the life you create, and may all of your creations be guided by Love!

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