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Weekly Insights: Finding-Living The Balance...

"Wisdom is sweeter than honey, brings more joy than wine, illuminates more than the sun, is more precious than jewels." - Queen of Sheba.

What brings us wisdom in life?... experiences, contemplation, big decisions, etc.. We often times say we are seeking wisdom, but then we are running away from it at the same time. Movies, books, social media, substances, exercise, shopping... all of these distractions are here to keep us from feeling and knowing ourselves deeper, which, in turn, is our ability to feel and know our outer world deeper. If we spend our hours of day tucked into another reality, then we never have time to learn from our own.

Some say that they hide away to avoid what they dislike about society the most. The late Alan Watts says that 'whatever we dislike, we should experience deeply'. Those lessons of discomfort teach us to seek deeper answers. It is the path that leads us to the understanding that we all have so much more in common than we do different. It is the journey that leads us to see that everything we feel inside of us exists outside of us. There is a part of us that is beating, breathing, circulating, pulsing, and moving. There is another part of us that is not inside of our body, but that is observing everything we are doing from above. There are many levels and depths of who we really are, and each one is reflected in the reality we see. The more we study inward, the more we are able to feel our connection to all that exists on the outside. Our ability to feel one another and respond from our hearts is reliant on the ability to acknowledge, listen to, and serve our own heart. The more we escape from who we are and how we feel, the more we move away from our interconnection to everything living and BEing. This is an unfortunate place where we cannot relate to one another or the planet, and therefore lose the desire to give back, to Love, or to serve either.

In this current living reality of distraction, it is no wonder that we are using our resources so recklessly and unconsciously. It is no surprise that we are hurting one another and the sentient beings that are part of the ecosystem that maintains our natural state of homeostasis. We, as a society, have not been connected to our own hearts. The heart is both the beginning and the end of our existence. The more Love we give to ourselves through forgiveness, self understanding, kindness, and compassion, the more of a capacity we have to hold those thoughts and feelings for other forms of life. If we never establish this inner connection, then we are more open to entertain divisiveness, abuse, and disrespect for ourselves and other forms of life. It is very simple to observe, and it can be very simple to shift when we are ready.

To begin with, breathe. Breathing rhythmically, and observing the breath is the most basic way to connect to the soul essence and the energy of gratitude. Sitting in nature, feeling one's surroundings, walking amidst the trees in a forest, swimming in the ocean, etc. are all ways to experience the self as a part of the whole natural world. When we quiet our minds long enough to hear the Universe talking to us and teaching us, then we know that we are connecting to a reality so much deeper than the one humans have created for ourselves. Our destiny exist somewhere between the past, the present, and the future, as far as how we have lived, how we are currently living, and what living a reality that is sustainable, healthy, and balanced for all of us together on planet Earth can manifest. Our limited minds cannot completely conceive what is possible, because the possibilities are limitless. In the space of the heart, Love is our closest link to the infinite and limitless.

We are the physical, living beings we see in the mirror. We are also the Divine spiritual energy we feel in the depths of the soul. Everything we do matters. At the same time, there is a much greater plan that we cannot control - no matter what we do. The real self lies between all that exists. When that energy is tapped into, then we understand better how to live in peace together, and nurture the most Divine resources that we have been blessed with. May we share the blessings from our hearts out to all, and be the change we wish to see in the world with every word, action, habit, and behavior that we project. Each of us can co-create a more Loving, accepting, and thoughtful reality of balance and harmony. It is there for us to manifest when we have first embraced it for ourselves.

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