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Weekly Insights: Fresh Eyes...

What would the world look like if we could approach it with fresh eyes? Do you ever notice how excited we are when we first enter a new home we are moving into, when we start dating our soulmate, when we begin the career of our dreams, or when we drive our car for the first time? Why can't this excitement last forever? Psychologists call it "habituation", and it happens to most people when they become accustomed to their situation or surroundings. The "first time" becomes the millionth time, and the excitement wears away, even though it is still something important to us or something we Love very much. There is a novelty to newness that does not exist in what we have experienced over and over again. This is actually a wonderful coping mechanism that we have adapted in order to be able to handle the repetitiveness of sometimes uncomfortable things like a morning alarm clock, a crying baby, or a consistently barking dog. Some professors who have been studying this phenomena have suggested that we "imagine our experience through someone else's eyes". When someone recalls a scenario that we have exhausted in our own lives, this can create a new take on an old concept. We laugh at comedians that talk about mundane stories in a new and funny way, and we sometimes remember how grateful we are when we hear someone talk about their lives in a way that allows us to relate to our own. There is something about sharing our living experiences with others that offers a fresh perspective and new eyes to something we may have possibly taken for granted.

Have you ever watched a movie about a family and then left feeling grateful for your own? Have you ever talked to a friend about their spouse and then left filled with a fresh new Love for your own? Hearing another person talk about their own experiences takes us to a place where we can relate, compare, contrast, and imagine. Fresh eyes give us a new perspective, even if those eyes belong to someone else. This is why experiencing community and sharing our lives with friends can actually enhance our own personal relationships with people and our living experiences. When two people take a picture of the same image, they usually turn out differently. One may be closer, while the other might be from a better angle to the Light. Either way, each person has a creative and unique take on the same situation. New eyes, fresh perspectives, and different viewpoints awaken a new curiosity and an attitude of gratitude. Those are the very things needed to ignite a spark of passion that can restore an "oldie but goodie" in our lives.

The next time we notice ourselves taking something we Love for granted, this concept can be applied. Just watch a movie, have a conversation with a friend, or go out and commune with other humans. Sharing is caring in this case, and each of us has a valuable story that can spark a Love Light within another soul, which could be the very thing they need to reignite the joy in their lives. Release fears, open the heart, and allow yourself to give and receive with others. By listening to a fresh perspective, new doors open in the mind and heart, and positive change has a chance to spice up old energies. We are truly One, and when we share our Love with one another, the Love in our own lives expands infinitely. Love is truly all we need.

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