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Weekly Insights: Full Moon Spring Equinox

This time of year has a powerful energy that can be harnessed for self-healing. As usual, the planet is undergoing a lot of change and spiritual transformation. The mistake we make as humans is in thinking that we have no control over the reality we see in front of us. The feeling of powerlessness keeps us doing nothing about it. The truth is that the only thing that will change the outer reality is the inner reality.

The Equinox time is one of those energetic portals to goodness and healing. If the heart has been holding on to heavy emotions, situations, or memories, then that same weight is also held somewhere in the universe. There are carbon copies of inner worlds throughout time and space. If it exists, it first has to be born in the higher worlds of thought and emotion. Understanding this allows us to feel empowered in the bigger transformations that are so needed.

The first place to look when working on clearing and healing is in the situation(s) that occupy the most time in the mind. Create a sacred space by cleaning and clearing the shadows with prayer and intention. Daily, recite a forgiveness prayer and see the faces of all involved smiling and at peace. Pray for both you and them to see and know the truth. Ask for Great Spirit to take over and then let it all go completely. The more authentic this practice becomes, the better you will feel. Clearing, forgiving, and letting go daily is key, but utilizing the Spring Equinox and the Full Moon takes this practice to the next level.

No person or situation is more important than your health and wellbeing. Put yourself first so that you can get to a place to be able to serve others joyfully. This alchemy not only supports the conscious evolution of HUmans, but also the deeper, greater healing of destructive and abusive cycles and patterns on the planet. It is also the 11th week of the year, which embodies the entire Tree of Life and moving beyond the destructive cycles in order to merge the soul and body as one. Utilize this transformational time and all of the healing energies to move past the pain and into a new way of existing. New perspectives bring new realities. In the Earth, the worm is the alchemist who transmutes the soil into fertile grounds for new growth and expansion. The Full Worm Moon comes to remind us that we have the power to shift any areas of our lives that are not feeling in harmony with who we are. We are the magicians in our realities that can completely transform our limitations into blessings. Take time to sense and feel the energies that serve to bridge the higher and lower worlds in your life. Feed the blessings and learn from the pain. There is so much good to embrace when you make the choice to do what is in the best and highest good for all forms of life. Choose to regenerate, nourish, and restore into a greater version of the self. The magic is alive and it is time to boldly step into it!

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