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Weekly Insights: Growing with Venus Retrograde...

Venus went retrograde on July 22nd, and leading up to that day, you may have felt the shift start to happen. Venus is the planet of Love, relationships, playfulness, creativity, and emotional sensitivity. It is the romantic planet that allows us to enjoy the finer things in life, pamper ourselves, and connect with our inner and outer beauty. So what happens when we retrograde with this light-hearted planet? It is a time to revisit past relationships, work on self-Love, and perhaps bring out that old art or music project and complete it. It is a great time to refurbish something you Love, to reignite the spark in a long-term relationship, and to find the inner playful child that may have been lost in the process of "growing up". Are your relationships and connections with others deep and meaningful... why or why not? When was the last time you pampered yourself, took time for yourself, or bought something nice or new for yourself?

As Venus helps to grow our passions from inside out, this is a wonderful time to re-evaluate the choices and decisions that got us to where we are today. Does life reflect what makes us joyfully fall in Love with what we do every day, or is it a product of fearful guidance, settling for what is always "less than", or the furthest from our dreams? Retrograde planets help to realign us to what really matters. They are tests for us to go through in order to identify our true priorities, passions, and desires. Retrograde planets are gifts that bring up the past in order to offer completion. Venus enters our home and wardrobe to see if we are really happy with what we have or if we need a reboot in the beauty department. It peaks into friendships, marriages, work relationships, and other connections we have to ask us if there needs to be changes made in order to get back to harmony. Since Venus is the great harmonizer, this retrograde time addresses what is out of balance in our lives. When imbalances have been overlooked for so long, it is sometimes hard to see the truth. The retrograde time brings a spotlight for clarity. Instead of focusing on beauty, pleasure, and luxury, this time is about how we feel on the inside. Venus is in charge of our emotional sensitivities. This time is going to test those areas for weakness. Are we giving ourselves emotionally to those who are unable to return that Love? Are we overly emotional concerning certain areas of our lives? Do our emotional sensitivities act in a way that can be detrimental to us? Are there abusive relationships that take advantage of our sensitivities?

On another note, hair is a big topic for the planet Venus. This is NOT a time to go for a whole new look and make a drastic decision regarding one's beauty, whether that be a hair style, a new tattoo, changing make up, new clothing, or other area on this topic. Anything to do with appearance should be kept neutral until Venus returns, in order to avoid catastrophe. It is also not the best time to purchase luxurious items or spend outrageous amounts of money. If there is a relationship in our lives that has been suffering or is already broken, this is a great opportunity for closure. Whatever has been out of harmony, now has the ability to shift. This shift can happen when we choose to end our suffering and invite in authenticity. The choice is always ours, and the energies are here to support. It may be the easiest time to make the difficult decisions that are needed. As long as self-Love is guiding us, we can feel confident that we are doing the very best thing for our lives.

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