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Weekly Insights: Living Justice Collectively...

As a collective consciousness, we have a duty to keep an eye out for one another. When we have billions of people on the planet and live in times where we are competing to get ahead and succeed over one another, we are more prone to lose our simple connection to our coexistence. Nature is the greatest example of this. As the theme of "Justice" returns to check in on us this week, we have an opportunity to really look at who we are in the world, on the planet and in nature, in our homes and families, at our work places and in the public among society. Are there six or seven different personalities to fit each situation we find ourselves in, or are we the same Loving person everywhere we go and in the company of all types of different people? When we are situationally moral, then we have decided that it is okay to fight for what is right... sometimes. Other times we have to turn a blind eye. If we look outside of ourselves for one moment, we can see how backdoor deals, under the table situations, and other situational injustices add up to create a civilization that cannot trust one another. People ask regularly how humanity has gotten to this point. The first thing we hear them say is that we are "disconnected to what is most important". Why the disconnect? What is most important to you?

The more complicated our lives become, the less time and energy we have for things that we consider "less important". Most people prioritize work in order to have money for food and shelter. While work is part of our existence, and is necessary, it is certainly not the most valuable thing that we do every day. How much time do we dedicate to giving and receiving Love, compared to the time we give toward earning money? We are all guilty of this at times, and it is good to stop and take inventory in order to remind ourselves of what life is really about. The Law of Attraction will guide us to prioritize what we wish to manifest. What we focus on grows. So, why don't we focus more on Love?

Love feeds Justice. Justice is considered one of the key virtues in allowing us to create a joyful life. Where there is Love, there is compassion, equality, kindness, and healing. Without it, we really have no foundation to grow upon. With self-Love, we hold ourselves accountable for who we are, what we say, and how we act. Love, accountability, and Justice all point toward our personal values. Our values show how us how we shift our energy to match that which we Love. What we value the most, we fight for and defend until the end. Justice itself is an act of Love. How can we watch a living being suffer and not try to help in any way? We witness it happen every day in the world. It can become overwhelming to think about helping everyone and everything, and it is physically impossible. It is also not realistic or needed when each of us can put a small effort into helping both ourselves and others in ways that are unique to our personal gifts and offerings. It is much simpler than we think.

Tribalism is a very real thing, and it has been something that has historically held us back from true Justice. Not many people are strong enough to hold their Loved ones accountable for their actions. It is much easier to play on teams and work together to hold each other up and above accountability. In a tribe, it is much easier to be loyal to the beings that are in our daily lives than it is for those we don't know. As unfair as this may be, it is part of human nature. Because there are so many of us, we cope by creating mini "tribal societies" that hold priority over the masses. Looking back at the root of gangs, cults, teams, some families, and other types of groups, tribalism is the cornerstone of their existence. Today, modern politics celebrates duality and consistently displays their desire to "win as a team" without a need to hold any integrity, or even common sense at times.

So what does Justice look like in today's society? The greatest topics around Justice range from civil rights to healthcare and beyond. The polarity of e-motion ranges from complete inequality and injustice, to freedom, truth, and righteousness for all. These two extremes exists in the same world together, and that is what helps us to understand how the Earth can be a place of duality. For every injustice, there is justice. For every act of hate, there is an act of Love. The best each of us can do is to hold ourselves accountable, as that is all we have "control" over. May justice, Truth, Love, accountability, and goodness bless you and your Loved ones each and every day. It is up to us to support one another through the embodiment of our own true nature. We are Love, and we have the ability to live it, be it, and share it with others when we decide to live that way. May we have Justice for All!

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