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Weekly Insights: Living & Loving Your Truth...

As children, we look up to those we see around us or on a screen, hoping one day we could be like them. We each move toward what we are attracted to and repel away from what we dislike. Sooner or later, we wake up and realize who we are. Sometimes this process is initiated through some sort of pain or abuse. Other times it comes after a long journey of learning and growing. Either way, when we allow ourselves to simple BE, then there is a Lightness and freedom attached to it. It's like all of the cords are cut and there is no longer a reason to feel dependent on someone or something to be happy. Boundaries get stronger, self-Love increases, and ultimately, a form of happiness is attained. Truly owning who we are means that we are also speaking our truth. We become extremely transparent and those who are in our close circles know where we stand and how we feel about the big topics that matter most. We are able to be vulnerable and transparent, opening the heart and sharing truths.

Most people who are unhappy claim that they are unable to be themselves. Either family or society, or both, don't accept them and they feel inauthentic. This is the most uncomfortable place to be in as a human. Our values are attached to our authenticity. When we are not true to who we are, our values may be compromised. How can we be our best self if we spend our lives trying to be someone else? It is hard enough to truly step into the self and embrace the good, the bad, and the ugly - let alone try to master being someone else.

Injustices in the world are all happening because someone has chosen to keep quiet. Conformity may offer a sense of belonging on one end, but it is also used to justify atrocious behaviors. Research shows that conforming to the group causes depression, anxiety, stress, and other mental health problems. Following what others want instead of living your own truth creates resentment, frustration, and anger. History has shown that people who conform to the group instead of following their own hearts are more likely to engage in prejudice and discrimination. It is observed in court situations where jurors conform to the majority in order to avoid conflict. From health choices to social implications, when we listen to the voice of our own soul, we are less likely to eat, drink, or experience things that we really don't morally agree with or want in our lives, homes, or communities.

It sounds so easy to just BE ourselves... but it actually takes heroic acts of courage to show up as "ME" every day. It is saying to the Universe that we Love ourselves, respect ourselves, and honor what our soul essence incarnated to do and to be in this lifetime. We are not taught how to find ourselves. We are never asked to stand out or be unique when we are children, but instead to conform to what is "normal". In a society where all differences are accepted, there is no "normal". Everyone is different, and that is what is beautiful.

Authenticity is attainable when we practice forgiveness, when we are able to be honest about our own destructive behaviors, and when we have found humility through the power of Truth. It is not living in the past or worrying about the future, but instead it's embracing each moment for what it is and living authentically in the here and now. It is also realizing that not everything is in our control. Acceptance, understanding, compassion, and the use of our personal will helps us live from a grounded place instead of high above others. The Truth is, every being has a lot to share. Every being matters, and living authentically is not only amazing for ourselves and our own lives, but it helps to make this world a better place.


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