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Weekly Insights: Loving Communication...

When we chose to communicate our Truth, it is an act of respect, kindness, and Love. It takes time to communicate. When someone or something is important to you, you take that time to share yourself with them. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to remain silent, to ignore what needs to be said, and walk away. Just because something is easy to do, doesn’t always make it right. We know that the Golden Rule says to, “Do Unto Others As You Would Like Others To Do Unto You”. Kindness in communication always feels warmer and implies a sense of understanding. Kindness in communication can bring two opposite beliefs or ideas together in the heart. Compassionate communication is speaking to others as though they are manifestations of pure Love. When we can see that we are One, we don’t believe we are better than anyone else, and therefore, we don’t speak or act in a way to put others below us in order to gain more power. Relationships built out of ego have no legs to stand on and quickly fall because that type of communication works to divide instead of unite. On this 50th week of the year, we have the opportunity to tap into the inner wisdom keeper and cultivate compassionate, conscious, and kind communication. In order to truly be a part of the healing on this planet, we have to learn how to confront one another with Truth and Love. Our words are tethers to each other's hearts. We can grow more connections or we can tear them apart with the quality of our communication. Whether it is inner or outer communication, be real and be Love. Let's cultivate a more Loving world, one relationship at a time. Bless the planet with your Loving communication and plant the seeds of compassion and understanding for future generations to come.

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