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Weekly Insights: May Gray or May Play?

This is the 20th week of 2022 and the 2's are teaching us to notice the dualities and crossroads that present themselves. The inner world of feeling is the water energy that is pulled by the tides of the lunar shifts. Leaving a Full Moon Eclipse, we may feel the waves of change strongly suggesting a need to do things differently. These waves have pulled up opportunities to clear old ways of thinking and being that don't quite fit into future plans and dreams. The fork in the road is a choice of pursuing the current path or creating a positive change into a different vibration. The key is in how honest we can be with ourselves. Honesty comes with accountability. Facing who we are when we are alone with our thoughts is not the easiest thing to do. There are repetitive thought patterns, pieces of unresolved feelings and emotions, un-forgiveness, and blame that bind us to our pain and our past. The ego feels good about holding on because it presents an opportunity to get revenge or validation. The truth is that when we are so deeply wrapped up in our past, we have no energy to create a dream life in the here and now. It is a mini-prison that keeps us held captive by the pain of the past.

The choice is ours to move forward, to forgive, and to take our power back after emotional pain or suffering. We can choose to replace negative energies of our past with creative ideas for the future. Before we have a significant life shift, we usually experience challenging times that test our inner strength and will to be happy. Happiness is a personal choice and something we have to pursue. For some people, it takes effort to choose healthy food, positive surroundings, and honest, kind people that support the choice to be happy. Happiness comes out of accountability for our personal life choices and owning up to it. We are who we are because of those choices, and when we accept that and Love ourselves, we are gifted with a Lighter, more free frequency that attracts the same. The choice is ours to be happy in the present or live in the pains of our past. Just keep in mind that these thoughts we hold are speaking to the body and reflect themselves in our cells and atoms. Choose the life you wish to live, and own it fully and completely. The freedom to choose our realities is our greatest human gift that can be unwrapped and enjoyed every waking day of life. Embrace the moment, there is only one like it.

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