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Weekly Insights: Mentality & Longevity...

The last few weeks of the Universal Mercury Period give us the opportunity to take a look inside of our mind. There may have been more moments of overthinking or louder voices of mental chatter that have caused the nervous system to feel more taxed the last few weeks than normal. The greatest gift of Mercury is the ability to observe where our thoughts tend to dwell at any given moment. The things we circle around over and over again reveal areas where we may be stuck. It helps us to identify where our work is. For some, the idea that our thoughts and feelings directly affect our health and success is absurd. Until you have gotten yourself sick from anger, fear, worry, or other destructive thoughts and feelings, or you have had great losses in business, you may not quite understand how powerful the mind really is.

According to research on this topic, experts say that "those who best regulate their emotions can evaluate stressful situations more positively and cope with them more proactively. This helps them avoid the changes in the amygdala that are induced by chronic stress, which would otherwise cause the nerve cells to deteriorate." This is not something we can "fake until we make it". The body speaks with the mind and heart directly, and no matter what we show the world, it knows the real truth. By keeping us honest, we eventually have to deal with it or it will take our life force from us. So many doctors treat the ailment and not the mind-body seed. We simply trim off the "problem", and then new issues have fertile ground to grow in its place. It becomes a vicious cycle that has no positive ending until we go back to the seed of the "initial problem". That is where the solution lives. Healthy seeds grow a healthy harvest, and vice versa. Living beings are feeling beings, and to ignore how we feel is to ignore the most dynamic part of who we are.

Statistics say that the leading causes of death in the world comes from heart dis-ease and cancer. The heart is our greatest feeling organ, and that is where we hold onto our experiences and either learn how to forgive and let go, or we hold onto everything while it also holds onto us at the same time. Cancer is a disturbance that tells us that a part of ourself is attacking other parts of ourself. There is a rejection, misalignment, or non-congruence that is tearing us apart from the inside. We can take medicines, have surgeries, or put bandages on our pains, but until we deal with what truly causes us to be out of ease in our lives, we will only experience temporary and transient relief. Permanent healing comes from the inside. It sounds so easy, but it is the hardest thing to do. We have to come to terms with our response to our reality and deal with it on a heart level. It takes great courage to do this. Millions of people don't choose this path because of how difficult it really is. In the end, it is worth the hard work and sometimes great struggle to get there, but each of us has to make that decision for ourselves, and do the work needed to get there.

Dis-ease is just that - we are out of ease in our lives. It sometimes feels like a blame game when we go deeply into our self-healing journey. We feel that we did something wrong, and because of our mistakes, we now have to pay the price of being sick. It is so much deeper than that. Life is simply one moment that leads to the next. In each of those moments, we have the job of being present. At the same time, we are like living records of lifetimes of moments that have all collectively worked together to create who we are and what we are experiencing today. When we can be present, then we can truly observe our reality with open eyes and follow the directions of the heart. We learn through our life experiences what truly resonates with our soul, and then we have the opportunity to create healthy boundaries and become the creators of our personal realities. When we hand over the power of our lives to another person, then we are not consciously driving our own life force. Of course, this is another path and journey altogether, but it will not bring us happiness. We have to drum to the beat of our own rhythm. If we don't, then we become ill. It is the story of the bug bite to the cancerous tumor. Depending on our ability to be honest with ourselves, and the strength of our will to follow our intuitive guidance, we are given whispers from the Universe until they become bricks. By paying attention, we can save ourselves from a lot of suffering. When things feel good, we move toward them. When they feel bad, we change course. If we don't listen, then we are reminded, but if we choose to never listen to what is right for us, then the universe finds bigger ways to communicate. This is why living here and now is called a present. It is a gift that offers us the time and space to choose what is right instead of choosing what is easy. The ultimate paradox is that all roads end together, as they did in the beginning. So, the greatest gift we can give ourselves is peace of mind to enjoy the ride. How do you create peace of mind?

For us, it is vital that we stay present and in the moment. In this moment right now, there is nothing but gratitude for the breath of life, food on the table, Love in the heart, a roof over the head, and a life of doing what fills the heart with joy. Another big reminder is the Serenity Prayer and understanding that we cannot control everything, but it is important to take control of what we do have control of. Over the years, we have created powerful coping strategies that work when life calls for extra resilience. Some include, taking care of our health by eating and exercising for wellness, putting ourselves first when we need to without any doubt or guilty feelings, having a place to release mentally and emotionally in meditation, a journal, with each other, with a friend, or in music, artwork, or other creative outlets. How do you cope with challenging times? Whatever you choose, it will choose you too. Choose Love, choose Peace, and choose Happiness!

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