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Weekly Insights: New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse...

The New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon is furthest away from the Earth. The Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth so that it partially blocks the Sun, creating a "ring of fire". It is a very rare and special event that won't happen again until the year of 2046. This year's Annular Solar Eclipse conjoins with Libra - the great balancer and harmonizer of the zodiac. The themes of this eclipse are new endings and beginnings, partnerships, letting go of unbalanced habits, practices, relationships, and energies in our lives. It helps in creating a "reset" in our lives by healing and restoring peace where it has been lost. As much as it is wonderful to set our intentions and practice meditations and rituals around this time, it is equally important to surrender, let go, and allow the Universe to help direct the energies where they truly need to go. Pluto and Chiron affect this lunar event as well, so there is an aspect of the underworld (Pluto) that will come to the surface, and it may bring up the wound or trauma (Chiron) from the past in order to rewrite our destiny and futures. Where we are headed has to match our current goals, and it has to support our highest manifestations to support us in rising high above the pain of the past, and into our amazing futures.

Think in terms of a scale that clearly identifies areas of our lives that are out of balance. We all know deep inside where we are out of wack. It may be that we give too much and need to receive, we spend too much and need to save, we work too much and need to rest, etc. Wherever there is excess, the cosmos will have a special way to convey this imbalance to us specifically. This is why it may be wonderful to work toward the changes we wish to make, but the Universe has a greater plan, and there is nothing we can do to change it. Eclipses cut out the low hanging fruit. It is hard to avoid this type of transformation, for each of us has something bigger in store for us. If we can learn how to surrender and allow it to unfold before our eyes, then it can truly be a magical time for everyone who is open to this sacred time of transformation.

In order to harness the power of this Solar Eclipse New Moon, we have to be willing to look at the Truth of how we live our lives, what we choose to focus on, how we use our time, what we allow ourselves to say aloud, how we eat, exercise, work, Love, and more. Self examination is the only way to discover the Truth and actually take action to be better in the areas where we need to make improvements. The Sun and the Moon are our cosmic father and mother, and they watch over us and hold space for us to live our lives. When we have lost the will power to make good decisions for ourselves, they step in during Eclipses and other powerful astrological events to nudge us toward better choices and a fresh start when needed. In this case of the Solar New Moon Eclipse, the Moon wedges itself between the Earth and the Sun, which creates a shadow that - for a short moment - will cover the Light. The Light creates life and movement of energies, while the darkness allows us to feel and reflect on what is happening inside. This is a time to stop and go inward to see what has been ignored or neglected over time. It is a time of great healing, discovery, and change. The comfort zone can be the reason why we stop growing and evolving. If the comfort zone is in the way, the Eclipse can create challenges for us in order to make big changes in a short amount of time. If it has taken us this long to pay attention to the signs that things need to change, then there may be more resistance to move through. Either way, let go and flow with whatever comes up in the next few weeks. As we know, some of our greatest challenges birth the most amazing new beginnings. We may not be able to see where we are headed yet, but by following our hearts and inner voices, new discoveries into who we really are, and can become, may actually create a new excitement and desire for life that may have been lost over time. Love thyself, take care of the mind and heart, nurture the body and the physical world of creation, and let the soul take charge of its mission here on Earth by doing what is most Loved, and by living joyful and meaningful lives. This is a powerful time, and we are the only ones who have to show up for ourselves. Live and let Love heal and transform reality for the greatest and highest good of all... or better!

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