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Weekly Insights: Oceans of Emotions...

Our energy-in-motion, or emotions, are super powers that can can boost us when used with Loving awareness, or can be used against us when there is excess or lack. Emotions are vital to have as humans, and are evidence that we are healthy and whole. There are productive emotions that support us, motivate us, and inspire us to move forward, and there are destructive emotions that work against us and break us down over time. They can manifest from the inside when we think deeply or reflect on something that has happened in our lives, or they can be triggered by something said or done in our physical environment. It is important to feel our emotions. When emotions are repressed, they build and eventually blow up into a much larger drama than they would have if they were addressed right away. If we have a hard time taking control of our emotions, we need to look deeper at why we are struggling.

Getting to the bottom of emotional stress is key in understanding how to help ourselves. Questions to ask are if we are getting enough sleep, going through a stressful time, feeling fear or anxiety, experiencing a physical dis-ease, or getting triggered in any way. Getting to the cause of our emotions can help us to see what aspects of our lives are healthy and what areas need change. For example, are we anxious because of a person in our lives, work stress, or an in-the-moment experience? Did the emotions arrive quickly as a response to our environment, or have they been building from the inside over time? Do we have control over the emotion or is it taking control over us? These questions and more help us to get to the bottom of what is going on inside in order to better cope with our more difficult emotions.

So how do we address emotional stress? The best healer is the original source of life - nature. Spending time in nature is deeply healing and revitalizing. Eating healthy, getting enough rest, taking life breaks, balancing work and play, and feeling good about who we are all support the journey and ability to handle emotions that come to the surface with calm neutrality. Having a regular breath, meditation, and exercise practice can greatly support emotional harmony as well. Reducing the amount of coffee, alcohol, tobacco, or other substances, as well as negativity, pessimism, anger, or despair can help the liver to stay healthy, which can also support emotional harmony.

Our attitude toward our lives makes a big difference in all aspects. Are we attached to something, are we holding on to the past, do we have great expectations that lead to even greater let-downs, or do we allow ourselves to either hide and retreat or make a scene and explode because something didn't go the way we wanted it to? Some emotions are avoided and judged as wrong or extreme, so we don't accept them. By not allowing ourselves to feel certain ways, we repress our emotions and they have to release in some other area of our lives. The healthiest and best ways to release emotions is with consciousness, awareness, and understanding. The more we know ourselves, the better we can care for ourselves. We are able to say no when we have had too much, and yes when we are ready for more. Self awareness, compassion, and understanding holds space for our life experiences to continue to teach us instead of hinder us. When we can feel empowered by our emotions and use them as guides toward more happiness, greater health, and better fulfillment, then we are on the right track. If not, then maybe we need a little more support along the way to help us help ourselves. There is no shame in getting therapy, and in some cases it can save a life. Emotions, like water, can move mountains. When they are out of control and we lose ourselves in the process, then it may be time to have a professional help us back to center. Whatever it takes, our well-being is more important than our pride. Emotional health is just as important as physical and mental health, and its vital that we Love ourselves enough to get help when we need it. The strength and wisdom we learn along the way can be a powerful teacher once we get to the other side. No lesson learned is ever wasted, so embrace the energy-in-motion and thrive in the Light of the highest expression of the self. When our emotions are balanced, the rest will flow. How we feel inside is ultimately a life game changer.

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