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Weekly Insights: Power Struggle or Balance?...

Water is the most powerful force, with the ability to put a hole through a huge rock with persistence and patience. It flows and finds its way to the great big ocean as a river, unless there is a block in the stream. This is much like our emotions. They flow until there is someone or something that steps in to create change. Water is power much like our emotions and feelings are power. Each of us has tremendous power within. Some of us use it to physically move life force, while others learn how to use it mentally and emotionally to their advantage over others. Strength of power truly belongs to the calm, the balanced, and to those who are humble and take accountability for their lives. Balance shows us how power can be used for the good, and not for taking advantage of the good. People seeking power they don't have tend to blame, shame, intimidate, lash out, and confidently boss others around, pretending to have true strength when they do not. There are deeper reasons why these power struggles happen to all walks of life. So what are they?

Power battles happen over disagreements. In a dualistic world with billions of people, how can we ever expect to see life the same way and believe the same things? It is impossible... literally. In order to live together in harmony, disagreements have to be accepted. It is when a fight erupts that struggles in power become a problem. When one set of beliefs are seen as more important, better, "right", or the only way to live, then power can become deadly. We see this in worldly battles and in our local communities daily. Some will go to great lengths to make sure that they end up on top. Lying, cheating, stealing, and acting out in extremely controlling behaviors that lead to even bigger power struggles. Underneath all of these struggles are individuals with great insecurity, fear, and weakness. Most extreme power struggles involve at least one narcissist that will never bend for anyone in order to find common ground. With so many power struggles, how do we find the space to work together?

In duality, the way to create Divinity is through a common thread. What is something that is important to all involved? What does everyone have in common? Next, we each have to realize where we can fuel the healing flames while putting out the fires of suffering. There are some people that we have to learn to let live, accepting that we will never see eye to eye or be able to work together. There are others that can handle deep conversations and heart to heart sharing for a greater and higher purpose. It is our job to know the difference, and stop cycling through waves of destruction and suffering. Sometimes the best answer is to be silent and walk the other way. The "Serenity Prayer" sums it up by saying that our strengths come in knowing which battles are worth fighting and which are not. That is true wisdom.

In our current society, we have people with big platforms telling other people that some humans have value and others do not, while promoting a civil war. There are false powers in the spiritual world controlling kind and Loving people, taking advantage of their good and righteous hearts. There are also amazing, beautiful, Loving, and compassionate people empowering others in all arenas doing great service for the planet and humanity. The duality of this reality gives us the experience of both sides in order for us to become who we are. Whatever is out of our control, we have the power of prayer to ask for guidance, justice, truth, healing, Love, and signs of direction to help us find our way. We are never stuck, it is just a perception that can shift as we shift inside. The most important thing we can do is to harness our power of Love and build it through our words, actions, beliefs, behaviors, habits, and rituals. From this inner Love, we will construct the capacity to create Love and use the power of Love to transmute the darkness we have no control over. At the end of the day, our sense of inner peace is worth so much more than winning an argument or ego game with another person. As we walk away from arguments, we get to keep our life, our lively hood, and our living sanity intact. There is nothing more important than being able to sleep in peace at night knowing you helped to contribute to more harmony on the planet. That is a true gift and treasure. Peace to All!

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