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Weekly Insights: Rebuilding Trust...

Each of us is gifted with valuable life lessons that manifest to teach us, guide us toward our life work, and move us forward on our self-healing journeys. There are countless stories from our clients and students about betrayal, manipulation, deceit, and lies that ended their relationships, began new careers, split up families, and/or defined huge shifting points that changed their lives forever. These qualities of mistrust that we sometimes look down upon in ourselves and others are actually catalysts for profound change. They can act like great blessings in disguise that help to move energy in our lives toward our dreams, goals, and authentic soul family support by eliminating the polar opposites of those things. Once our trust is lost, is it possible to get it back?

The subject of trust is synonymous with Truth, security, faith, integrity, confidence, good will, and reliability. At times, it feels that trust is a rare attribute only shared by a few. Other times, it seems there is a blanket of trust holding the energy together for a higher and greater good. As we change, our reality changes. Therefore, the more we trust in ourselves and in the goodness of others, the more we will attract trusting relationships.

Blind trust is different from conscious trust. Blind trust is handing over your reasoning to someone else, and giving them the power to make decisions for us. We see this a lot in the spiritual world because there are groups of people who trust their teachers or leaders more than they trust themselves. A lot of manipulation manifests out of blind trust. Conscious trust, however, is deciding your path of choice, and letting go of fear and worry in order to move forward in faith. The eyes are open to see the Truth, and there is a conscious act of trust that is shared with those involved. Sometimes our fears and worries cause blocks in our ability to move forward productively. When we learn how to get out of our own way, we can restore the flow and transform our realities for the better. This amplifies our trust in the Universe, in Truth, and in the energy of the Source of all Creation.

Trust is grown and built over time. It shouldn't be taken lightly or just handed out blindly. It is earned by the energy we emit, by our words, and by our deeds. Like building a home or business, we start from the foundation and work up. The foundation of trust is Truth. Truth is one of the higher qualities of the Divine, and when it is present, we trust the situation at hand. When there is Truth, there is a sense of freedom to surrender and let go. The truth leads to authentic living, and creates a space of accountability and consistency. Where there is Truth, there is transparency and integrity - and that is what trust is built upon. Another set of building blocks of trust comes out of healthy boundaries. Boundaries actually build trust, ensuring our safety and earning the respect of others. Caring, Loving, honest, respectful, generous, and competent people earn the trust of others more easily. When they act out of character and break this trust, it can be earned back...sometimes.

Whether it is an empty promise, betrayal, cruelty, or other poor behavior that breaks the net of trust in a relationship, some people are able to rebuild trust even stronger than it was before the act. It has to come from both parties, and there must be accountability for all actions and from both people. Forgiveness is the key to moving forward after being wronged, and sometimes even rules have to be put in place in order to rebuild the feelings of safety. The most important thing is open communication and Truth. When both people involved are committed to working on rebuilding, then it may include counseling or other therapies for support. Either way, people are not prisoners of their past when they choose to change and create a new reality in the direction of their destiny. Trust is more valuable than any physical belonging. Without it, relationships lack the strength to stand on their own. With trust, there is freedom to be ourselves and live joyfully. Trust oneself, earn the trust of others, and trust in the goodness that is inside of every living being... and all of that trust will be returned with In-Trust.

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