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Weekly Insights: Reconstructing this Life Dream...

Restructuring is the theme for the next few months. Why? Retrograde planets like Pluto, Saturn, and Neptune are asking us to look deeper. Pluto is literally the planet of transformation and rebirth. It supports the cleansing of any self-destructive behaviors that have taken hold of our better judgement. Saturn is the planet of self-knowing. When it goes retrograde, we have a chance to restructure our lives in order to make space for our dreams to take flight. Saturn slows us down in order to teach us and nurture profound growth and transformation within our current life situation. Neptune goes deep into our dreams and inner visions. It is creating space for new dreams, new creative endeavors, and new visions of what life can look like. These three planets in retrograde together form a platform for enormous transformation. If you have been feeling a little blah, if you have just come out of a very difficult situation, if you feel lost, or if you just know it is time for change, this is why. We are all affected by these planetary shifts, and we can use them to work for us instead of against us. With consciousness and awareness, we can utilize these forces to support amazing things to come. Are you ready for transformation?

Restructuring our lives feels a bit daunting. It doesn't have to be at all - especially when you embrace change. If there is an area of life that you do not feel at peace with, start there. The idea is to create a life around the places, people, activities, lifestyle, and environment that brings the most happiness. Sometimes that is hard to see, especially if life is reflecting the polar opposite. Top CEO's of the biggest corporations give the advice to spend time working on what you want to create in the future, right now. Yes, life has pressing things to address now, but if we never take baby steps toward our dreams, then we will never manifest them. Just like we talk about speaking positively and creating with our words, we can also simply create our future lives by living them now. Each step toward that goal is a win for our dreams. We are literally rewiring the brain when we create new aspects of our lives. It can take time and resources to create a new life, but this kind of change also requires us to practice our new behaviors and repeat them over and over again. With courage and inner strength, we can literally change our entire lives whenever we want to. Rewiring the brain only takes time and repetition.

For the greatest platform of support, we have to surround ourselves with people that add to our dreams and don't hold us back from them. We have to be clear on what it is we are creating in the first place. Without clarity, we can get lost wasting time in areas that take us further away from our goals. Risks have to be taken, leaps of faith have to happen, and we have to step out of the infamous "comfort zone". With a little patience, a lot of persistence, and strength to persevere, literally any dream from the heart can manifest. Yes, there is a lot of work to do, but never forget to rest, take breaks, and/or vacation. Part of being successful is finding balance between work and play. Sometimes working harder is not smarter. A rested being is a much more productive being. With harmony, our dreams come to us with more ease and less stress. This helps us manifest a happy life filled with peace and joy. It is worth the time, work, and discipline it takes to make positive changes. Take a step forward and make it happen - the Sun is shining for your highest success, happiness, and healing.

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