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Weekly Insights: Reflecting Love with the Power of Communication...

The practice of meditation has layers to it, much like other cycles of growth and healing do. The ultimate goal is oneness with our mind, body, soul, and spirit in order to live in peace. When we first meditate, we are filled with thoughts that can make it difficult to stay present. Over time, things shift and we have the ability to go deeper into the many layers that make us who we are. We learn breathing techniques, mantras, mudra therapy, movements, and other ways to utilize our physical being to calm the mind and clear the way for inner freedom. After years of self-healing work, we look at who we are and how we act or react to life, and evaluate new areas to explore. This is all wonderful and great... until we reflect on our part in society and our role in the global world and the greater universe, or multiverse. We know we have a responsibility to work on ourselves in order to create a Loving reality, but are our personal efforts really making a difference in the bigger picture? By working on ourselves, are we really affecting the whole? Can we make a difference in a reality of duality, or are things exactly the way they are supposed to be, regardless of what we do or don't do? We know things happen for a reason, and if so, what is our part exactly?

There are miraculous stories of groups of people coming together to make a big difference in their community, to save someone's life, or to do the "impossible". Whether it is moving something heavy to help someone, figuring out the miracle cure to a dis-ease, cleaning up a major catastrophe, or helping a Loved one find strength to leave an abusive situation. Together, we are so much stronger. Each of us holds a piece of each other within us, manifesting as both the same and completely different at the same time. We are interconnected, and when we do come together, we tap into a group energy that exponentially gains strength with each additional person. The things that we can manifest together holds the trophy over anything we can do alone. Since most of us truly desire to live in a Loving world, it is possible to create our visions when we come together. It is seemingly impossible when we are divided. Why are we so divided?

Division is created. We are part of the whole until we believe that we aren't. One of the first things that is manifested for nefarious reasons is the idea of dividing people in order to conquer them. This is an age-old concept that has proven to work time and time again historically in the battles of Light and dark. Unifying as one people, one species, and one powerful life force is the most empowering, transformative, and strongest of energies that can literally work to achieve any and all collective goals. So, it isn't shocking to think that people might want to stop other people from working together.

I was recently listening to a podcast with a spiritual scientist who has extensively studied the evolution of humanity over time. This expert stated that what the world and the Earth needs the most is our unified efforts of goodness. They went on to explain that looking at history and how the various ages of time express the different states of consciousness, we are not expected to be unified as one human kind again for another 1 million years. One million years? Well, this may or may not be accurate, but we all certainly feel the division. We can also observe great evolutionary leaps in communication in humanity that help to connect us in greater ways than we have ever known.

Humans have built cities, communities, businesses, medicines, ways to live life easier and with less stress, and things that we never thought were possible through amazing inventions and ideas. We are beings that thrive together and need one another. Since history, various tales share the concept of humans being unified as one before there was a big divide. Human ego has been claimed to be the cause of our separation in order to be "right" instead of "wrong", to overpower one another, or to "win" in competition with one another. We have come from One Source of Love, and somehow we live in a world with 7,100 different languages. How did we get here? In order to find ways to share common ground, we first have to be able to communicate with one another.

We communicate with our words, but we also communicate through our clothing, hair style, career choice, political choices, the music we listen to, the foods we eat, our spiritual preferences, our sexual preferences, the products we buy, and an infinite number of other ways. We show the world and tell others what we think, believe, feel, and represent in just about everything we do and say. The way we communicate with one another either opens doors, brings us together and manifests teamwork on some level, or closes doors and kills collaborations before they could even begin.

Yes, we may all speak different languages, believe in different ideas, hold different belief systems, and live different lifestyles, but we can still come together. The greatest collaborations for the greater good have been proven to be most possible during emergencies. When lives are at stake or something needs to be done immediately, humans can find the way to communicate in order to get to the desired end result. This proves that all of us are capable of working together for a common goal. Is this why the Universe has manifested wild fires, hurricanes, floods, and other catastrophes... to get us to work together? We get to decide if it will take us 1 million years to figure it out or if we can evolve human relationships at a quicker rate. There are big problems with simple solutions when no one benefits until everyone benefits and people cannot profit over the pains and losses of others. Our ability to come together is our ability to help one another so that no one is left behind. The first step is simply giving one another time to listen and time to express. Conversations build bridges between us and help to open closed doors.

No matter how you feel about others, please put an effort toward talking to people who are different than you are. That one conversation could be the catalyst to a collective shift in consciousness toward a deeper sense of Loving. Love is the beginning and the end of this life trip, and it can also be the whole entire journey when we choose it to be.

...Just some thoughts to reflect upon... Have a wonderful week!

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