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Weekly Insights: Spring Equinox Time For Healing...

Spring Equinox blesses us with the energies of harmony, Light, and healing seeds of Love. As one of the most powerful weeks of the entire year, there is an energetic abundance of healing Light available to each of us when we are ready to tap into it. The Equinox and Solstice times are significant because they mark an Earthly pivot toward a new direction. The Sun meets the tilt of the planet to create powerful moments when life shifts into a new gear. From Winter into Spring, we move into the wood element. Energy rises in the Spring, allowing our new ideas to sprout and the winds of change to support our ideas in both pollinating and then multiplying the blessings for our highest good. Spring is a balancing time that encourages us to move from extremes to more closer to the center. Where are we out of harmony in our health, relationships, work lives, play, and overall feelings of happiness? If we are in lack or over abundance, we have an opportunity to make choices that move us away from excess in either direction and closer to the center. Whatever needs healing, this is the time to activate change.

The early morning sunlight holds potency, and this time of year is even more powerful. As the winter months depart, the solar rays gain power in their pranic charge. Before 10am, there are transformative blessings showering the Earthly plane every day. In order to receive the Light for healing, simply close the eyes and breathe the Light rays of the Sun into the 3rd eye. With long, slow breaths, imagine the solar force is pouring a golden ray of sunshine directly into the 3rd eye, and that Light spreading to every cell, organ, and system of the body, including the mind and the heart. Practicing this simple activity every morning will help deliver vitamins and minerals to the entire system and charge the energy bodies with healing prana that can transmute challenges into blessings.

The Spring time reflects a moment of renewal. The liver is the filter of the blood, helping to release toxins and bring new frequencies to the entire being. The gall bladder helps to store and condense bile in order to break down our food so that we can receive energy. Both of these vital organs support the revitalization of the physical and energetic bodies. This season, take time to eat the foods, practice the mudra postures, embrace the plant medicine, move the body, chant the mantras, and recite the affirmations that bring harmony to the liver and the gall bladder. These two parts of the body will greatly benefit from the extra care and support that aligns us with the vibration of the Spring season. This will help to curb anger and negative thinking in order to merge with a more heart-expanding and Loving frequency. In many different cultures, the practice of cleansing with citrus leaves is very popular at these seasonal nodes. With a handful of citrus leaves, boil them in water, filter out the water into a container, and let it cool. Take a shower, don't dry the body, but instead pour the citrus leaf water over your clean body and air dry. Continue this for three days, reusing the leaves for a few rounds before replacing them with new leaves. This is a great way to clear the aura and recharge the entire being with a cleansing frequency.

Set your intention for this season, align with the solar and lunar forces daily, and listen to the heart and soul for guidance. This is the season to plant seeds out of our passions so they may sprout into beautiful creations that move the soul and change the world for the better. We wish everyone a very Happy Spring Equinox, and we hope to celebrate with you this week in San Clemente!

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