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Weekly Insights: The Journey Awakens the Truth

In life, we have the opportunity to be present, embracing each lesson as it comes and allowing intuition to guide the way forward. When we listen to the wisdom of the heart, we receive messages that are transmitted as an inner knowing of the best things to do and say, as well as better ways to behave and live. Because reality is dualistic, there is always another voice that makes excuses, trying to talk us out of the right thing to do, and wanting to stay complacent in the current state without making any changes. It is through a strong will-power and balanced mind and heart that the best choices are made. These positive attributes act like the vessel that carries our energy forward through the waters of reality. Being grounded in Truth is the key to ultimate happiness on the journey ahead.

A boat is used as a metaphorical instrument to show human-like qualities and behaviors because it is a type of vessel that moves through the waters of unpredictable circumstances. Boats are symbols for safety, refuge, and our ability to float above any challenges. As a boat in the sea, each of us is part of the entire collective consciousness that the subconscious waters embody. Sometimes we sit and float in the reality we are immersed in, and other times we are riding forward, doing our best to enjoy the experience. The "wake" behind us signifies the awakening that we leave behind when we move into every new moment. Our past is just that, an experience that has awakened us to the next experience, and so the cycle continues... When we are youthful and looking for an adventure, we play in the wake of someone's boat and have a chance to receive. This is all good until we feel there is an experience that is no longer serving our greatest and highest good, or in boat terms, experience a "leak" in the boat. That "leak" continues to be something we have to try and bail out and keep up with before it has the power to take us down. Once the emotion, or water, gets to be overwhelming, it is too late to be saved from going down. The boat goes down to the ocean floor in complete darkness, taking everything and everyone on it and around it down to share that experience. This is like those times when we process and assimilate in isolation, or darkness, what we are experiencing in life. The darkness serves its purpose, especially when we choose to keep going in times when it is best to stop. All in all, each outing brings us closer to our soul and our truth. The vessel itself goes through changes, and every journey is very different than the last. The moral of the story is that whether we stay in the harbor or venture out to sea, we have to listen and follow the signs around us and within us. It's important to stay present and not dwell in the past, but instead, share our past with all who could benefit from that story. It is also vital to take accountability and save ourselves from sinking when we see that we have ventured down a dark path. When we fall, we have to take time to reflect in silence before making a new move forward, never forgetting that the Light is right there above the darkness.

We are the boat, which means that we hold the strength and power to shift, sail, and make it through the most treacherous times without losing ourselves in the current. When we sail, we have to first choose which ship we are going to take. Then we have to decide if we are going to stay on or jump off. We have to care for our vessel and embrace our journey with an open heart. The rhythms and motions, gliding and swaying, bobbing and coasting, all embody the great voyage. There is only so much that we can control, and then we have to surrender to nature and allow every situation to present itself. Each of us gets to decide if our journey will lead to freedom or to great suffering by the choices we make along the way. As long as we are not afraid to leave the shore, we are guaranteed an adventure. When we set sail, there is an endless sea of possibilities. As we fair the winds of change, the great sea will guide us to the next wave. Keep the faith and stay in the flow. It is the Truth that serves as the wind behind our vessel.

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