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Weekly Insights: The Light Conquers The Darkness...

It is a powerful and beautiful time of year for healing. The Sun is our great solar father, and He has the power to support positive change and the illumination of our inner Light. We all know that when we do good things, we feel better. The heart is the Sun in each of us, and the heart-centered words and actions we share are the more solar, or active ways to shine. When we share that part of who we are, we illuminate the darkness that appears in our realities. When we hold anger, worry, resentment, or fear inside, we put a shadow on this Light that has the potential to help to heal not only us, but everyone and everything around us. Our job is not in becoming "perfect", but instead in slaying the dragons that we have given life to with our negative thoughts and emotions. We have the main job of addressing imbalances inside in order for us to create more balance on the outside. Each of us on this planet Earth is responsible for our inner world because it is a direct reflection of the outer world we all experience together. If we are seeing too much violence in our world, then there needs to be stronger actions toward forgiveness and compassion in order to cultivate more inner peace. We are easily able to call out karma when we see it in others, but are we recognizing how our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are the seeds to what we experience in our own realities?

The Light is a connector of all of the various colors, or energies, that exist. Within the Light is the entire rainbow, but the darkness is when all of the different colors of that rainbow express at the same time, and over one another, instead of illuminating their own ray as a natural reflection apart from the others. We see this in humanity too. Each of us holds a powerful Light within, and that Light reflects a certain hue. If every person spoke, acted, created, or manifested our greatest work at the same time and space in the exact form and style, then there would be a lack of creativity or individuality, and we would evolve together a lot slower. Each of us has an upswing and a downswing in life. It is the flow of yin and yang in action, and what can be attributed to our greatest accomplishments and creations as a humanKIND. It is what contributes to harmony and happiness and allows us to celebrate one another. Everything has its moment to shine, as well as its moment to rise out of a storm. This harmonious way of living is cornerstone to the balance of the dualities that exist in nature. This also tells us that we have to each embrace our darkness, allow it to have space to breathe, and accept it as a part of the whole. In the experience of our own darkness, we come to realize our desire to pursue the Light. We could never fully embrace the Light if we didn't experience this darkness. The wisdom is in not allowing one or the other to dominate, but to flow in both the gifts and the flaws that we have incarnated with, experience them, and take action to be better where positive change is necessary.

The acceptance of our imperfections leads to humility. We get in trouble when we allow ourselves or others to overpower another life form with the false perception of perfection. Imbalances birth out of the misuse of power. The Summer Solstice is a burst of Light force that comes in to illuminate all of the darkness. The Sun brings us toward a greater, more healing and whole version of ourselves by shedding more Light. It's not always easier or less painful, but the Light illuminates what is and what is not working. As we learn the Truth, we can then decide whether or not we are on the right path for us at each new moment of awakening.

What is your Summer Solstice prayer for yourself and for the planet? How can your greater gifts be illuminated in order to raise the frequency of your energetic space and all who live within it? We wish for each of us to radiate healing by being our true and authentic selves. May this Solstice season support that for you and your Loved ones. We are so grateful for the path you have chosen and the choices you make for the greatest and highest good of all. May the Solar rays guide you to your Divine destiny... or BETTER!

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