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Weekly Insights: True Strength Manifests Through Kindness...

We live in these interesting times where people we have never met are judging us or making comments on who we are based on the words, photos, or videos we share on social media. We may be uplifting, we may be sharing personal information, or we might even share a vulnerable moment. Out of the web of life comes the people who Love us and also those who want to cause emotional, mental, or other harm or pain. We also live in a time where leaders who claim to "have our back", "protect us", or "serve us for our highest and greatest good" are actually wolves in sheep's clothing. True power and authentic strength are not always physical, and when they are mental and emotional, they actually come from a soft and gentle will. Have you ever been in an argument where one person is cussing, swearing and throwing a fit, while the other person is calm, non-emotional, and clear? Who feels like the stronger one in this situation? We see it in our politics, in parking lots, at stores, and on the internet. Bullying has been called out for what it really is.. weakness. When we can't show "control" of our feelings, words, and behaviors, we are highlighting the areas that we haven't mastered yet. Since self-mastery is strength, then faking mastery through passive control and false power is the polar opposite.

A true leader sees the strengths in everyone and does their best to help lift them higher. It becomes a collective effort instead of a competition. Motivated, strong people are already extremely competitive with themselves. Adding pressure with put-downs and power trips only causes more separation and hierarchy in the mind and in the physical space. When people feel inequality is present, then they don't work as hard to become better.

In all of these situations, and when trying to lead others, removing self-focused and self-serving behaviors will always help a leader become more effective. Unlocking the best out of others comes from care, kindness, and support. This is the true strength of a real leader. In order for the group to rise, we have to lift one another up... not put one another down. When someone uses their power to make others feel badly about who they are, then they are simply showing how weak and ineffective they are. Our values, ethics, and integrity speak for us. The grace from which we create our lives is what blesses each and every step along the way.

The best way to identify a great leader is to see if they are serving the group or if the group is serving them. A real leader is of service, offering care and drawing energies together with trust, commitment, and conscious attention. They have no need to put others down, to show dominance, or to control anyone. Manipulating leadership can only cause pain and struggle. In these situations, abundance becomes fleeting, and everything feels temporary because there is no solid foundation to grow upon. Longevity births from compassionate leadership. Kindness, grace, and beauty birth those qualities out of others. The best leaders don't have anything to prove to anyone, and they don't have to tell anyone that either. Actions always speak, so pay attention. When there is a weak leader, there are excuses for poor behavior, explanations for everything that doesn't feel right, and no room to argue or have an opinion on things that are not working out right. In order to become empowered, we have to surround ourselves with strength. The stronger we all become, the stronger the mission becomes. The sacrifice is wanting the greater good for "all" instead of receiving the greatest good for "me". True strength lives in the space of the collective and will always act and move for the highest and greatest good for all. Remember that, and lean into inner strength for guidance and protection. It is something we can grow and build, and it will always be there to help when we need it. Sew seeds of Love, and they will grow big trees of salvation.

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