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Weekly Insights: What Happens When Things Don't Go Your Way?...

It's the eclipse season, and with Mercury Retrograde, things can be a little more unpredictable than normal. Life never offers us guarantees, but most of us follow our intuition and guidance, believing it will turn out for the best. Change is such an interesting thing because humans usually fear unexpected change, but they Love planned change. We are the same way with surprises - they are great when they are for us, and can be a nightmare when they happen to us without warning. The idea of buying a new car or home, moving somewhere we have always wanted to live, or getting married to our dream person puts butterflies in our tummies. Conversely, when our car stops working, house falls apart, or a relationship ends, we sometimes feel our entire world is crushing in front of our eyes. The problem is that we forget that after great loss can come great gain. Those elements that leave our lives are not meant to be there to begin with. Things don't just happen to happen. There is a greater plan in action conspiring for our greatest and highest good, when we allow changes to happen without resisting them, creating drama, or manifesting even bigger "problems" to resolve.

When things don't work out as planned, we have to look at what happened so we can learn the lesson that each challenge offers. Going through a challenge without learning or growing from it will only cause us to repeat the same lesson again and again. The wisdom we receive is what allows us to grow beyond that particular lesson and onto the next. Let's face it, life is not perfect and there will be challenges to face until we take our last breath. The more we learn, the more prepared we are for new beginnings and the less stressed we are when things go awry. It is so important to remember that 90% of life is out of our control. The people that believe they are controlling everything have a tough lesson to learn. A realistic mind understands that life is so much bigger than the mind is capable of understanding. That is why we need each other. When we don't know how to handle sudden change, sometimes the help of someone who has experience is the best way to take the next step forward. Our ability as humans to share our lives with one another is one of our greatest gifts. If we haven't experienced it, we can energetically live the lesson through our Loved ones, so we might never have to experience it ourselves. The big thing is to act and not sit and wallow. Pain moves when we move. In our past life experiences we can see the times that we accepted defeat in comparison to the times that we have taken positive action toward change. This is how we learn from ourselves and understand what helps us to redirect the energies of frustration, anger, or fear toward something productive, out of stagnancy, and for our highest good. Movement creates flexibility, and flexibility helps us get rid of the box that we were thinking inside of. Life is bigger than "the box". Intuition and inner heart guidance shatters "the box" into millions of pieces. Thinking inside of a box is equivalent to being in the dark. All we need to do is Light the mind up with positivity and inspiration, and the darkness disappears. The ego seeks to relive the pain over and over again, suffering in blame, shame, and regret. A humble mind sees the pain as an earthquake that came to shake up life and restructure it into something new. This is part of what makes us grateful for what we have, able to heal, and awakens us to a greater life purpose with deeper meaning. Embrace the changes that the Universe is presenting right now, and look for the opportunities that hide behind the fears of the unknown. Whatever is leaving our lives right now is a true gift. Just wait to see how amazing things will be once the lesson is revealed. Gifts await us when we are patient, self-Loving, positive, and have Faith that cannot be shaken. Keep your chin up and enjoy the ride!

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