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Weekly Insights: Why Love?...

Saint Valentine was said to be a Roman priest and a physician who had an affinity to Love. One legend says that he was imprisoned in 272AD for marrying Christian soldiers, even though the emperor Aurelius had forbid these weddings because he wanted the men to fight in the wars. While he was in prison for Love, he was able to cure the emperor's daughter of blindness. Valentine and the emperor's daughter fell in "Love at first sight", and so the emperor had St. Valentine executed the following February 14th. The night before he was executed, he sent a Love letter to the daughter of the emperor, and he signed it "Your Valentine". This stuck and was passed on through the years, and it is still talked about today.

In the Middle Ages, people observed birds as signs and symbols of Valentine's Day and the message of Love. On this day, it was said that birds chose their bird partners. There were bird superstitions for single women on Valentine's Day as well. Depending on the kind of bird that a single woman would see that day, she would be destined to marry a certain type of man. These and many more superstitions continued throughout the years and all over the world through various rituals, ceremonies, traditions, and prophecies based on Love. We are grateful for St. Valentine and his ability to tap into this energy and share it with others. To think that these stories of Love have been passed on to so many generations years later is to understand the true power of Love. Love is the ultimate blessing and gift in life, and it is celebrated with it's own special day, thanks to St. Valentine.

Most all beings experience some form of Love in their lives, and the blessed ones get to experience many different forms of Love in a lifetime. We also experience betrayal, deceit, abuse, trauma, and pain throughout life, and sometimes by those we have Loved the most. So why keep the heart open if it has the possibility to be crushed? We can forgive, but we should never forget. Our ability to Love, to trust, and to move forward allows us to grow and let go of our baggage. We are born to Love and trust one another, and when we have been hurt, we can find ways to heal and move forward for our own wellbeing. To live life with a huge weighted grudge on our shoulders is a very unhappy life. Pushing people away and building walls only traps us into a pattern of depression and unhappiness, making us feel stuck and hopeless. It's not easy to let go of something that has broken the heart so deeply. This is why it feels so healing when we can practice the art of being present. The more present we can be, the more we are able to heal our past and prepare for our futures.

When we have been deeply hurt, we tell ourselves that it will be the last time. That scar on the heart stays there until we have had a deeper healing experience. One of the best ways to heal this scar comes out of honesty and truth. Both of the two sides of the relationship have to own their parts with honesty and with Truth. It takes two to tango, and the dance of any relationship offers an active side of doing, as well as an energetic side of allowing. There may be a betrayer, but there is also a receiver. Sometimes we see signs that things are not going in the right direction, but we ignore them and continue on our path. This is the energetic aspect of "allowing" that contributes to the abuser's ability to continue the behavior. When we don't accept poor behavior, then we are setting a boundary and teaching those we Love what is acceptable. Whatever is truly important to us is worth fighting for. We are practicing Love for ourselves and for others when we honor the heart and the path of Love and forgiveness.

It is said that the ultimate revenge is happiness. We don't have to go to low frequencies to match someone who abuses and betrays us and others. On the other hand, we can always rise our Love game higher in the name of what we honor and value as dear to our hearts. The choices we make become the roadmap to our ultimate destiny. We have to remember that we chose to engage with the people that are currently in our lives. We energetically chose our family before we incarnated, we choose our friends, and we also choose to engage in conversations or activities with people throughout our lives. We attract energies that are similar to us, energies that teach us, and energies that challenge us on many levels. Sometimes it's hard to believe that we would choose what we have chosen, but each encounter is manifested to help us learn and grow. This is what life-school offers the soul in order to refine us and mold us into the amazing people we can become. Life was never meant to be easy, but it is meant to be meaningful. We find meaning in every lesson learned, and each day presents something new. May we each remember the amazing souls like St. Valentine who literally died for Love, and may we become inspired to allow Love to guide us through all of the twists and turns life offers. Our greatest strengths are birthed through the power of Love, so why not "Let Love Rule"?!

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