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What Are You Hanging On To?

The Universal Sun Period starts this Sunday with the Spring Equinox. Spring is springing!!! It is a time of birthing anew, pushing through the soil of our current reality in order to grow to new heights, and staying Light by not bringing the weight of the past year into the Luminescence of the here and now. It is time to create something that will brighten, heal, and uplift the soul, the Earth, and all life. Before we can create anew, we have to check to see if there is any remnants of the past lunar cycle that needs releasing.

It is the 12th week of the year and the time of letting go of the ropes that keep us hanging on for dear life. "The Hanged Man" is the 12th archetype of the Tarot, and helps to give us insights on the energies we may experience this week. This archetype reflects our ability to let go of unhealthy attachments, to see life with a new perspective, and to make sacrifices in order to gain more freedom. Whatever it may be, trust the process. In the movement from attachment to dis-attachment, there can be pain because of the feeling of loss. Remember that nothing in the Universe is ever lost. When one thing disappears, something better is ready to take its place. This is hard to see when you are inside of the pools of change, but once you can swim to the surface, the perspective gained can be liberating.

The way to get our personal Hanged Man to turn around is by taking accountability for what we have created. Even if the "letting go" involves other people, we have to look at why we have allowed others to have so much power over us. Taking that power back and redirecting the energy toward something that is mutually beneficial will create a flow where there was once stagnation. This flow can then trickle into our finances, business, Love relationships, home, and entire life. Once the switch is flipped, the blocks are removed, and all areas of life begin to flourish. It is much like a river that has been dammed. One side looses its movement, and therefore begins to die. It is the Love, or the Divine Waters, that restores the flow. This is the magic of living a life based on Love. Love is allowing yourself to let go in order to embrace your true happiness. It may not look like this at first, but when you stick to it, the miracles and magic happens. Our Faith gets tested, and once we make it through the darkness of that cosmic test, there is a river of flowing Light on the other side to guide us on. It is time to let go of resentment, anger, frustration, blame, shame, and fear. It is time to anchor into our Faith - any perceived challenges were manifesting in order for us to learn and grow and be strong in moving forward in a powerful way. It's time to SHINE!

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