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What's the Function of this Planetary Conjunction...?

This week is the 51st week of the year (5 + 1 = 6), and 6 represents The Lovers in the major arcana of the tarot, and the planetary influence of Venus. Venus teaches us about Love with the victorious union of the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds together as one. Our return to Love is a union with the cosmos and all of creation. Love is expressed through harmony, when there is a "win - win" situation for all involved. This is when you know that Love is present. Anything other than that is still learning how to Love without condition. In this Aquarian Age - the Age of Love - what is it going to take to shift the tides toward this high frequency vibration?

On December 21st, the Winter Solstice, we will experience a special planetary conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter which will be joined together at zero degrees in Aquarius (which is ruled by Uranus). What does all of this mean? Both Saturn and Jupiter, as well as Uranus, all support the union between physical and Divine. The Love story of the Tree of Life is one of learning and growing in order to ultimately unite as one with all of creation. Saturn is the structure or framework from which deep spiritual work can manifest. It is with Saturn that we experience our karma and ultimately learn who we really are under the surface of this physical armor. By knowing ourselves, we are able to start to understand how the Universe works. Jupiter supports expansive growth and union with the Divine. Becoming a more vast and expanded version of self, we are able to rise above control and power and return to our original state of oneness. At zero degrees in Aquarius, we hit a node of a new beginning. Aquarius represents individuality, thinking beyond the herd, and changing from old social norms to new creations of living that benefit the whole instead of the individual. It is thinking outside of the box and reaching various states of Utopia with the vision of unity consciousness. This planetary configuration is just another affirmation that the big shifts and changes we have been feeling all year will bring permanent change for the betterment of all beings. This is an energetic alignment, and all of us will be able to feel the effects from this configuration in the years to come.

Strap on your boots and get ready for this part of the journey. We think that we have been faced with some of the biggest changes in our lives already, but this time on the Earth will only prove to follow this pattern in the coming years. The changes have just begun.

Are you feeling in alignment with the shifts on the planet? There are big opportunities to ride these waves of change and have the support of the Universe to put our ideas into action. Those who feel like they are suffering are those who are not ready to accept change. This eclipse cut out the energies that are working against our highest growth, while the New Moon invoked a new beginning into a new season of deep inner healing and reflection. It is the Winter Solstice and the darkest time of the year. We don't need to fear the darkness, but use it to look deeper within. Be quiet, reflect in stillness, and listen to the body, to the soul, and to the surroundings. There are signs and clues embedded throughout each day to support the highest transformation and growth. Take time to stop and acknowledge the signs you are receiving and journal them down. What theme continues to appear in your life? What messages are the Universe conveying to you to pay attention to? Use this time to listen and reflect. We are in a beautiful portal of positive change, and this is an opportunity to take a ride into the deep well of Love that lives inside the heart. Tap into this Love and allow it to pour throughout your life. Reach out to Loved ones that honor you. Tell those you Love how much you care about them. Use this conjunction to be the Bright Star in someone's life this week. Everyone is going through shifts and changes, and the ultimate healer and answer to all perceived problems is....LOVE!

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