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Wisdom of the 3 Planes: Divine * Astral * Physical

Divine Plane:

Level of thoughts, the crown, and higher consciousness.

"The greatest human quality is our imagination. Study the stars and planets, watch the sky, the beauty, and the vastness. We want to have an imagination as vast as the sky."

~ Dr. Levry

The mind is the Light of God, and our imagination is the ability for the Great Spirit to move through us. It is a place that we connect with our inner child and our ability to play and create with the universe. The greater our visions become, the higher we can rise and more we are able to expand into our greatness.

Astral Plane:

Level of emotions, the heart, and the unseen world.

"Whatever you have created within yourself will manifest into your reality. Whatever you spend time focusing on that is hidden inside, will be revealed into your reality."

~ Dr. Levry

The inner creations of the heart are where our outer creations are birthed out of. We think about things throughout the day, and the thoughts that we hold that activate the heart fire have the strength to manifest into form. When this is in alignment with our greatest dreams, then it is the most Divine of manifestations. Pay attention to what you spend the most time contemplating. Heal and forgive the past, stay present, and use the mind to dream about what is feeding your heart with happiness and joy.

Physical Plane:

Level of actions, the abdomen, and the physical body.

"You get what you are. That's all you get - no more, no less. If you want to change what you get, change what you are."

When life is not working in the ways that we have always dreamed of, we have to ask ourselves what we are doing or who we are being that is pulling us away from and not closer to our dreams. Many people say they want something, but act in a way that is the furthest away from what they want. Thoughts, feelings, and attitudes must all be in alignment for the dream to have the opportunity to manifest. If we want to be a professional athlete, we have to exercise. To be a writer, we have to write. Whatever the dream may be, start living in a way that is in perfect alignment to creating that dream. Live as though the dream is reality. Think it, feel it, and live it. This reality can become anything we believe it can, as long as we are willing to embrace and accept in into our lives.


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