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Words Matter...

A million thoughts per minute are flowing,

They stay inside without anyone knowing.

Two eyes, two ears, and two nostrils,

One mouth to praise the world's gospels.

Speaking is sacred and casts many spells,

Programming the mind and all of the cells.

Speak to heal and to create balance,

Guidance through a big life challenge.

Take three breaths before talking,

Clearing the anger that can be blocking.

Words & their tones, textures, and feeling,

Tell the story of the speaker so revealing.

The quality and how words move the heart,

The poetic ways they become beautiful art.

The inspiration that brings tears to the eyes,

Words carry people when someone dies.

What is said or not said tells the story,

Is the energy open or is it closed territory?

Use words to carry messages of Light,

To soothe a baby in the middle of the night.

Speak kindness, compassion, and grace,

Talk sweetly in front of someone's face.

The Word is the power of Creator,

Every soul a goodness generator.

Intentional words birth love & peace,

The vehicle we have to create a masterpiece.

Grateful for the words that bless the strife,

And those that carry us to the afterlife.


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