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Equinox blessings bring us back to our center,

The dance of Light and Dark in a new cycle to enter.

Indian Summer with hot and cold are sharing a dance,

Sun beaming in for a solo while there is still a chance.

Fall leaves shed in remembrance of the new growth,

Breezes cooling down the passionate moments of troth.

Moving from the brilliance of the Light that shines so bright,

To a dark stillness of the cool dampening of the night.

Appreciation for the blessings of this harmonious rhythm,

Seeing the gifts that unite the soul without division.

This time is sacred and a great teaching for us all.

Finding balance and harmony like the wisdom of the Fall.

Shedding the parts of life that have lost all meaning,

Every season requires some deep inner cleaning.

Adapting to changes that catapult us into greatness,

Each season seeks the wisdom that makes us courageous.

Creating opportunities to shift that which is stagnant,

Charging the entire vessel like an electromagnet.

Enjoying this incredibly powerful time of the year,

This is a chance to manifest what fills the heart with cheer.

Focus on Divine health, Love, and career,

It's time to take this reality up to the next gear!

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