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Hands of Light: Intro To Palmistry & Mudras


Our hands are cosmic instruments that help to tune the body, mind, and spirit.  Learn how to map the hands for health and wellness and use mudra therapy to activate or ward away energies in this wisdom workshop series.


In this wisdom series, we will learn about:

  • The Ancient Science of the Hands
  • The Elements in the Hands
  • The Planets in the Hands
  • Astrology Signs in the Hands
  • Polarities of the Fingers
  • Jewelry and the Hands
  • 3 Planes & the Hands
  • Mudra Healing Sequences
  • Specific Mudras For Mental, Emotional, & Physical Health


For 1 hour a week in May, we will meet and plant seeds of wisdom in order to learn what it means to have "the whole world in our hands".  Join us for this transformational journey!


When:  4 Mondays in May (2, 9, 16, 23)

Time:  6-7pm PST


Where:  Zoom Online


Cost: $150/Series of 4 Classes

     or   $50/Class

Hands of Light: Intro To Palmistry & Mudra Series