3-5 People Live and Online Training Options - Oceanside, California


Course Hours and Times: (Subject to change)

Weekend #1:

Friday, May 21st, 6-8pm

Saturday, May 22nd, 10am-7pm

Sunday, May 23rd, 10am-7pm

Weekend #2:

Friday, June 4th, 6-8pm

Saturday, June 5th, 10am-7pm

Sunday, June 6th, 10am-7pm


Sacred Scents Aromatherapy Training is an Aromatherapy Course with Divine Spiritual Wisdom as taught by Dr. Levry.  This course is designed to teach about the origin, history, usage, safety, and healing properties of essential oils, as well as the application techniques, major meridians, organ systems, basic reflect points, and elements of the body.  The intention of the course is to empower each individual to understand the seed of dis-ease and how to shift the mind, emotions, speach, attitudes, and actions with the support of the Plant Kingdom and the Divine Spiritual Wisdom for optimal self healing.  We will dive deeply into the seven creative planets, numerology, the cycles of the year, and the essences that support the life journey for optimal health and wellness based on one's birth date.  By experiencing one's own transformation, one is ready to help others to do the same.  This training course is rich with information, experience, wisdom, and intuitive training to be the bridge between the plant and human families.  When you are ready to go deep inward for healing and exploration of the self, the natural world, and the Laws of Nature, then this is the perfect course for you.


CEU's will soon be available for massage therapy, nursing, and doula programs.  Your certification for CEU's will be available retrograde if not by graduation day.  


This Course Includes:

  • Anointing with over 50 essences and 4 hydrolats
  • Breath work and meditations
  • Practical information and knowledge of essential oils, aromatherapy, carrier oils, hydrolats, and blends
  • Study of the human body, systems, meridians, reflex points, and the mind-body connection of ailments and emotional disharmony and the essences that support wellness
  • Information on pregnancy, babies, animals, and the elderly and how to use aromatherapy safely and effectively
  • A reference guide, course manual, and study guide for Naam Sacred Scents 


Payment Plans Available (Must be paid in full by 5/21/21)

Please call us for specific Payment Plan Information

(949) 370-9904

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Sacred Scents Aromatherapy Training SPRING 2021

  • In case of an emergency or "Act of God", we will consider a full refund for anyone who is registered and paid in full for Naam Sacred Scents up to one week before the course date.  Since materials have to be produced and purchased for this course, anyone who cannot attend after this deadline may carry their registration to the next available course date.  All cases will be reviewed separately.  Once the course has been taken, there are NO REFUNDS for any reason.  Deposits are non-refundable.