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Organic Fir Balsam needles from Canada

Physical Benefits:

Cold, flu, fever, pain reliever, spasms, arthritis, rheumatism, bronchitis, chronic cough, sore throat, sinus', asthma, diuretic, intestinal parasites, UTI's, Central Nervous System, burns, cuts, wounds, mental clarity, tumors, wasting dis-ease, immune booster, lymphatic purifier, pulmonary and genito-urinary anti-septic.

Energetic Benefits:

Focus, grounding, elevating, concentration, tones and balances the energy bodies, strong, feeling inspired.

Organic Fir Balsam Essence 15ml

  • Aromatherapy is highly concentrated, and it is important that you respect the power of nature and the potency of essential oils.  All essences are safe to anoint onto the bottoms of the feet.  In order to anoint to other areas, please do a test patch on the inside of your forearm by dropping 2-3 drops of the essence and waiting to see if your skin is sensative to that particular plant teacher.  If your skin reacts, it is best to use this essence only on the bottoms of the feet should you wish to continue usage.  Should you experience a skin irritation, apply an oil (olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, etc) to the area to neutralize the effects of the essence.  Water will only enhance the essences potency and push it deeper into the body.  Be careful which essence you choose to apply to a foot bath or body soak, and use awareness and reverence with each plant teacher you commune with.  We see small skin irritations/rash as a sign of detoxification; and, the adversity to a particuar scent as a sign that there is some emotional work to do with that essence.  By using self-accountability, awareness, and consciousness, these essences can be a safe and powerful support on your journey to self-healing.  Start slowly with 1-5 drops of each essence 1 to 3 times per day.  Listen to your body's needs, and always follow your primary doctor's recommendations if you are currently using medications or being treated for any ailment.  Choose to use your heart to guide you in self-healing, as the heart chooses to see the journey in the eyes of Love instead of fear.  With Love, all things are possible.