Sacred Scents Aromatherapy Training FALL 2021


A Zoom Link will be emailed to the email you provided at purchase.  Your materials will be shipped to you one week before the course date if you are joining online.


Course Hours and Times: (Subject to change)

October 15, 16, 17  & October 22, 23, 24, 2021

Location: TBD (7 Students Live)


In this 32-hour course, you will:
*Experience, smell, and work with a variety of seed, root, bark, resin, branch, leaf, flower, and fruit essences from around the world.
*Learn and practice various ways of anointing while learning the foundations of how to utilized plant medicine for self-healing.
*Apply ancient mysticism of Universal Kabbalah to the application and usage of plant essences for health and wellness.

*Learn the planetary influences that cause certain ailments to present themselves in each individual and how to use medicinal aromatherapy to address various imbalances and disharmonies.
*Debunk the fears around aromatherapy usage for wellness, and develop a personal relationship and connection with the natural world.
*Introduction to a variety of systems (Chinese Medicine, Egyptian Reflexology, Cosmic Astrology, Doctrine of Signatures, The Chakra System) to map the body in order to support self-healing on all levels.
*Explore the cycles of nature as well as our own cycles within a week, a year, and in our lifetime in order to determine the plant essences to use, and how we can strengthen our mental, emotional, and physical health with this wisdom.
*Experience different ways to apply the essences to your personal health and wellness program.
*Learn from each plant spirit through meditation, physical practice, and attuning to their sacred scents throughout the course.


Course Meeting Days/Times:

Friday 6-8pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am-7pm (2-hour afternoon break included)

2 Weekends:

October 15, 16, 17  & October 22, 23, 24, 2021


ONLINE STUDENTS have to purchase all of the essences for the course. Sacred Scents Aromatherapy is offering 50% off of the training essences and hydrolats to support you in learning and creating your tester kit for after you graduate.


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Sacred Scents Aromatherapy Training FALL 2021