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Balancing Our 7 Unseen Triggers with Aromatherapy

$250 for Workshop + Essences (tax and shipping added at checkout)

When: Sunday, April 18th 2-4pm (PST)

Where: Zoom Online 

What: Two-hour Workshop


In this 2-hour workshop, you will explore and experience how the power of Aromatherapy can be utilized to address and help neutralize the deep-seated patterns and behaviors that most people are unaware of.

These seven areas of the subconscious mind are like doorways between our higher and lower self. When we have brought awareness and love to these areas, we are more likely to choose the high route over the low-frequency reaction.

Learn how to use Essential Oils to neutralize the emotions, bring physical strength, and shift the mind away from reactive behavior and toward a more conscious discovery of how to heal the past in order to create a joyful future.


Join us for a transformational 2 hour workshop!​


Workshop Cost: $50

Essence Cost: 7 Essences + Shipping/Handling: $200

Workshop + Essences


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