RaMa Massage

RaMa Massage - Tandem Massage with Medicinal Aromatherapy & Sacred Naam Music For Healing


Joshua and Lemia are seasoned massage therapists that work intuitively with the body and with the essences of the plants and trees to create a powerfully transformational experience while relaxing and opening tightness and discomfort in the tissues.  Ra is the masculine, fire energy and Ma is the feminine, water energy.  Combined, these elements create a balanced healing environment that supports letting go on all levels.  With two therapists - RaMa - male and female, the mind is forced to shut off for the body to receive.  Many have referred to one of these sessions as a sacred ceremony for healing.  Set to mystical healing music, RaMa Massage is a deeply opening, offering a musical vibrational healing environment.  Medicinal Aromatherapy from Wisdom of the Earth opens the tissues, brings vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to the body, supports the emotional and spiritual healing, and assists the physical work to complete the cycle of manifesting the restoration of balance on all levels.

One Practitioner, 60-min Massage  $150

One Practitioner, 90-min Massage $170

RaMa Massage - 4 Hands, 60-min Massage  $250

RaMa Massage - 4 Hands, 90-min Massage $270


Massage makes the perfect gift for a loved one.  Gift Certificates are available, or treat yourself to this healing massage experience for health, renewal, and longevity.  

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