Sacred Scents Aromatherapy

Certified Organic and Wild Harvested/Non-Sprayed Plant Medicine

Nature is who we are, and our interconnectedness with the natural world is vital in maintaining health and harmony.  The original medicine on the planet was and still is plant medicine.  Essential Oils, Herbs, Tinctures, Teas, and other forms of utilizing nature to support self-healing on all levels of the being have been used for centuries with great success. 


In a world filled with brilliant technology, the simplicity of nature is often lost.  We are in a powerful time of change, and our communion with Gaia is what can support us in evolving into our highest frequency of Love, Wisdom, and Truth.


In order to grow spiritually, there has to be a death of the old self.  It is much like a computer upgrade or a snake shedding its skin.  You can no longer be who you used to be once you have gone through a transformation.  With a death is a rebirth.  This is not always an easy process, but when you make it to the other side, it is the most rewarding accomplishment that life can offer.  Hence, the birth of this aromatherapy company!  It was through great transformation of the heart and in all faith that nothing happens by chance, that Sacred Scents Aromatherapy was created.  We offer you a specially curated farmacy of single, hand-poured essences from around the world.  We have been blessed to meet farmers and suppliers that believe in our mission to provide medical-grade, non-sprayed, certified organic or wild harvested essential oils for support in the self-healing process. 


From our humble experience of 25+ years combined time of working directly with essential oils with clients, students, friends, and family, our theory with self-healing is that true health comes from within.  Harmony comes out of a balanced practice of thinking, feeling, speaking, acting, behaving, and maintaining a positive attitude.  Nature is harmony.  Spending time with someone who can influence you in a positive way is like communing with plants.  They can support the manifestation of a profound internal shift that can help one in the journey of homeostasis.  Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have as humans.  Scent can help to shift the brain, feelings, and subconscious thoughts and memories that are the seeds to our wellness.  The vitamin and mineral constituents in our organic or wild harvested and unsprayed aromatherapy can also facilitate a higher vibratory frequency that promotes health and wellness.  Anoint yourself with seeds, roots, resins, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits and observe your own internal shift.  These plant teachers, in our hearts, are the true "Shamans" on this sacred Earth.



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