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Wisdom Series

Take a journey through the mathematics of spirituality through numbers, planets, symbols, colors, body mapping, mudra, mantra, kabbalistic astrology, and much more.  We will learn about ourselves through the Laws of Nature and unlock the keys to the entire multi-verse.  Are you ready to take a leap down the rabbit hole?  Once you see the Truth, there is no going back.  

Hands of Light: Intro To Palmistry & Mudras

Our hands are cosmic instruments that help to tune the body, mind, and spirit.  Learn how to map the hands for health and wellness and use mudra therapy to activate or ward away energies in this wisdom workshop series.

Planetary Astrology:  My Second Planet

The Second Planet helps us to learn about our bodies and health in a deeper way.  Learn your Second Planet and what foods to eat and what gemstones and colors to wear to support the best health and wellness in the mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

Planetary Astrology: Planets & My Career

Our birth dates address our strengths in career and having a prosperous and abundant life.  Learn your career planet, the Fourth Planet, and how to maximize on your strengths to have a joyful and successful career.

Planetary Astrology: My Primary Planet

Our birth date acts like a blueprint for our lives and tells us so much about ourselves.  Learn what your Primary Planet is in the eyes of planetary astrology, and how to use this vibration to support health, happiness, and success.

Planetary Astrology:  My Third Planet

The Third Planet addresses our daily needs.  Let's go deep into our Third Planet and how to create a happy and peaceful life by using tools and wisdom to get past our greatest challenges.

Planetary Astrology: Planets & Relationships

When two people and their astrology come together, there is a different vibration formed that can make or breath the relationship.  Learn your relationship vibration with your soul mate, family member, boss, or other person(s) to find out how to have the best relationships and avoid having unnecessary problems.

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Awesome Experience

Thanks again for teaching and hosting an awesome experience.

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