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Equinox, Solstice, New Moon,
Full Moon Ceremonies & Rituals

The Laws of Nature work through time and space to create the environment for us to bring in or release what we need in order to live the life of our highest good.  We offer rituals and ceremonies to remind us how sacred we are and how important it is to use our intentions to create the reality of our dreams.  Join us and tap into your higher self and your goals in living your best life.


Moon Stages

New Moon
Full Moon

The New Moon marks the first day of building, manifesting, creating, and adding blessings to our lives.  This is the best time to purchase what we need, cut our hair if we want it to continue to grow, and add what we need into our reality.  The Full Moon marks the first day of letting go, releasing, and forgiving the past in order to manifest a lighter, more free and liberated reality of unattached attachment.  This is the best time to have something removed from your life, your body, or your relationships.  Whatever you want to release, this is the best time to let go.  We use the Moon Cycles to support us during various transitions and shifts in our lives in order to be in alignment with the multi-verse.

Lunar Eclipse
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