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Birthday Blueprint Readings

Birthdate Blueprint Readings

What is a Blueprint Reading?  The numbers in your birth date were specially chosen by you before you were born.  You decided the energies you needed to manifest in order to fulfill your life mission here on Earth.  So many of us grow up asking ourselves why we are here.  When we can uncover the wisdom that we hid inside of our own birth date, this purpose becomes much more clear.  We all know this inside, but sometimes it takes time to reveal itself in our physical lives.  

In this 90-minute session with us, we will share with you your sacred Pentagram.  In this symbol contains your gift, your projection to others, the spirit of who you are, what grounds you, what comes to trip you up in life, what you have already mastered in previous lifetimes, and what energies are with you daily as teachers and guides on your journey.  We will also talk about your Primary and Secondary planetary influences as well as the Archetype you are in during this calendar year.  These tools will be a guiding Light for you in your life, as the numbers in your birth date never change.  The more you can attune yourself to your life-purpose and find meaning in who you are and what you came here to do, the more at peace you will feel.  Try it for yourself or gift this reading to someone you Love.

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