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RaMa Mama:  Birth Doula Services

Become a RaMa Mama

Pregnancy and Birth is the most sacred time of life.  The thoughts of the mother become the mind of the baby.  The foods the mother eats becomes the body of the baby.  The feelings a mother has during pregnancy are imprinted in the DNA of the child.  The mother's spirituality becomes the brightness of the Light of the baby.  Surrounding a pregnant mother with Love and holding a space of beauty, kindness, and sacredness is so important, and the birth is the extension of that time and a seed for the new life to come.  RaMa Mama holds the space for the loving intentions of the family to manifest with ease and grace and no attachment to any one outcome.  By simply being present and in the moment, we can hold a space for Love to work through us.  Remember that there is a greater plan manifesting beyond what we think we are in control of in our lives.  Once you tap into the intuition of the heart, there is nothing to fear and you remember that everything is in Divine Perfection.

Birth Doula Services

Birth Doula:

Birth support from the time your contractions become consistent and closer together, to about thirty minutes after the birth. Services include supporting mom in creating a birth plan, practicing/discussing options with birth partner and doula and addressing all of the options and possibilities for the optimal birth experience, and meeting with midwife/doctor once to establish a connection and communication.

Prenatal Yoga: 

Private Prenatal Yoga brings peace of mind, a healthy body, and calm emotions through this powerful time of creation.

Personal Consultation with Meditation Practice (Meditation & Mudra Therapy): 

Have a personalized practiced prescribed to you with both meditation and mudra therapy with maximum benefits for mother, baby, and the physical space that the baby is entering.

Aromatherapy Consultation: 

Based on your current health status, your birth date, and your personal journey, you will receive a consultation on the best medicinal-grade essences that suit your highest needs of physical, emotional, and mental health.

Energy Healing:

A subtle and powerful energetic healing system that brings an abundance of Light to the physical body, the mind, and the emotions. Receiving energy work during your pregnancy helps to open the heart to the life-changing experience of having a child. Bring peace of mind, unconditional love, and blessings of Light to your pregnancy with Energy Healing.

Prenatal Massage: 

Soothing, gentle, and relaxing massage with medicinal essences that support the pregnancy and the wellbeing of both the mother and the child.

Numerology & Planetary Wisdom: 

Aligning with the Laws of Nature and the natural flow of the Universal Energy, this wisdom is timeless and mighty in the truth that awakens you to your highest potential and helps you direct your consciousness toward your destiny and away from your fate. Learn your Primary and Secondary Planets, and foods, gemstones, and healing sound vibrations for optimal health and wellbeing based on the day of your birth and your current health status.

Transforming Fertility Challenges: 

Clear blocks, remove obstacles, and step into harmony with your mind, body, and spirit with these age-old techniques that have been proven to help the creative life flow in the body. Through the discipline of a dedicated meditation practice with breath, mudra, and medicinal essences, and the support of the Laws of Nature, all perceived darkness are removed and miracles are possible. 

Turning Your Seed Into Gold: 

In this Age of Love, the children that are coming to the Earth are very special beings with a powerful purpose of helping the planet shift to a higher frequency. Every thought, word, action, and vibration that affects the mother also affects the baby. Everything the mother thinks becomes a baby’s mind, everything she eats becomes the baby’s body, and the spirituality of the mother becomes the brightness of the child. To have the most positive experience for both mother and child, learn the ancient wisdom of turning your seed into gold and bringing an abundance of Light to the pregnancy. 

Blueprint Reading: 

Based on the day you are born, find out your gift, your foundation, your projection to the world, what comes to challenge you, how the world see’s you, how you can burn karma, and the essence of your spirit. This is a powerfully empowering gift of wisdom that helps you to understand yourself better and have clarity on why you are here and what you are here to work on. 

Introduction To Planetary Astrology: 

Learn about how the Laws of Nature work and discover the Seven Creative Planets and how you can help to understand yourself, your friends and loved ones, and the relationships you encounter on a daily basis. 

Birth Doula Packages

Total Wellness Fertility
  • 30-minute Private Consultation

  • Blueprint Reading (Planetary Numerology)

  • 1-hour Prenatal Yoga Private Class Meditation

  • Mantra & Mudra Therapy Personal Practice (Healing Techniques for Pregnancy)

  • 30-minute Aromatherapy Consultation 

  • 1-Hour Healing Massage

  • 1 Energy Healing Session. 

Basic Doula:

3 Standard Session to Prepare for Birth + Birth Day Assistance

  • Birth Plan

  • Rehearse with Birth Partner & Prepare Team for Labor

  • Meet with the Midwife/Doctor & Birth Team to discuss the Birth Plan

  • Birth Day Assistance

    (Please note: If you choose to only have the Birth Doula present at birth and would not like to partake in private sessions, the cost is the same.)

Doula Select: 

3 Standard Session to Prepare for Birth, Birth Day Assistance, Plus Spiritual Guidance to Optimize the birth experience. 

  • Basic Doula Package PLUS...

  • 30-minute Private Consultation

  • Blueprint Reading (Planetary Numerology)

  • 1-hour Prenatal Yoga

  • Mantra & Mudra Therapy Personal Practice (Healing Techniques for Pregnancy)

  • 30-minute Aromatherapy Consultation

Doula Premier:
  • Basic Doula Package PLUS...

  • Blueprint Reading (Planetary Numerology)

  • 1-hour Prenatal Massage

  • 1-hour Energy Healing Session

  • Personalized Meditation Practice

  • Private Aromatherapy Consultation

Doula Supreme: 

3 Standard Session to Prepare for Birth + Birth Day Assistance + Massage, Energy Work, Yoga, Aromatherapy, & Meditation

  • Basic Doula Package

  • Blueprint Reading

  • 3 Prenatal Massages

  • 3 Energy Healing Sessions

  • Personalized Meditation Practice

  • 1 Private Aromatherapy Consultation

  • 3 Private Prenatal Yoga Classes.

Doula Delux
  • Basic Doula Package

  • Numerology & Planetary Astrology - 7 Sessions of Wisdom

  • 7 Prenatal Massages

  • 7 Energy Healing Sessions

  • Personalized Meditation Practice

  • Private Aromatherapy Consultation

  • Blueprint Reading

  • 7 Prenatal Yoga Classes.

To Become a RaMa Mama 

Call: 1.949.370.9904 or Email:

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