Naam Festival 

Where love takes flight

The Charities 

What is Naam Festival 

Naam is Love, the Logos, Sacred Sound Current, The Word.  Naam is seeded in the Power of Service and giving from the great well of abundant Love that we each hold in our hearts.  Naam Festival is passionate about sharing classes, workshops, fun and safe forms of artistic expression, celebration, as well as individual sessions to support health, wellness, happiness, growth, and expansion.  Our mission is to spread positive energy, educate and share ancient tools for self-healing and self-care, come together in conscious celebration as commUNITY, and give back to non-profits that support locals in a positive way.  All proceeds of Naam Festival will be split between two non-profit charities that support local community.  We are grateful for your attendance and support in creating a positive space for healing, celebration, and expansion of consciousness! 

The REACHability Foundation

The REACHability Foundation believes that every child deserves to have fun, and that children with special needs are entitled to and benefit from the same recreational opportunities as their children. 


They fund many different outreach programs, including Leaps n Boundz.  Leaps n Boundz non-profit provides adaptive sports, recreation and social programming for individuals with special needs. They teach in therapeutic and fun environments that promote strength and growth in all aspects of life. 


Play and movement are used as tools to increase motivation, improve life-skills, build self-esteem and create opportunities for social interactions.


Every participant at Leaps n Boundz has an individualized program designed to address his or her specific needs. These needs are addressed through a variety of activities which incorporate coordination, body awareness, strength, endurance and focus.


This unique blending of sensory movement and activities, exercise and athletics allows for improved physical well-being and increased confidence. They thrive on the success of every individual.

Giving Naam

Giving Naam has provided therapeutic yoga classes and workshops through community and outreach programs around Los Angeles since 2013.  These classes provide personalized care and vital healing to individuals affected by Cancer, Autism/ASD, Diabetes, and health concerns related to the brain, heart, thyroid, as well as the glandular, digestive, and nervous systems. 


These classes also include Shakti Naam Yoga, an ancient and deeply healing yogic practice that is an intrinsic part of all Naam Yoga Therapies classes and the Giving Naam mission.  Naam Yoga Therapies classes have been brought to Community Centers, Senior Centers, Homeless Shelters, Federal Prison Facilities, and Addiction Recovery Centers. 


It is a blessing to have the opportunity to reach out and touch people's lives through this amazing, practical, self-healing technology.  Giving Naam continues to expand and grow and is excited to find new avenues of service, sharing and empowering tools for harmony on all levels. 


A special thank you goes to the founder of Naam Yoga and Master Teacher, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, for teaching and sharing ancient practices that have helped so many people return to balance. 

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