Mystic Medicine Series

Nature is a pure source of wisdom, and aligning ourselves to the Laws of Nature opens a doorway to the Self and a deeper understanding into what cannot be perceived through the senses.  This series teaches the ancient Hermetic wisdom from the Rose-Croix Kabbalah in combination with plant anointing for elevating one's consciousness into a healing, peaceful state of oneness.  Enter the rabbit hole of truth through self-understanding and the Laws of Nature in our Mystic Medicine Series.  We offer many courses to enrich your mind, body, and spirit and help bring the unseen aspects of reality into clear focus.  Learn your planetary influences, numerology, mudra theory, mantra theory, timing, cycles, solar and lunar cycles, the Tree of Life, the arcana, and how to support yourself best in the areas of health, relationships, career, joy, and prosperity, as well as the plants and healing techniques that support them.  See the world with all new eyes and heal your life through a greater sense of Love and understanding through the power of nature, wisdom, and truth.  


Join us for one class or the entire series as we learn about our planetary influences, numerology, symbols, color, angels, chakras, the Tree of Life, archetypes, sacred geometry, letters, the angelic alphabet, manifesting rituals, banishment rituals, atonement rituals, energy-clearing rituals, full/new moon rituals, tree meditations, and so much more.  We look forward to learning and growing together in order to cultivate more self-Love, self-healing, compassion, and ability to serve a greater population for the greatest good.

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1st Day of the Month Ritual


1st Day of the Month Ritual:  Planting Monthly Seeds in 2022

The first day of each month sets the seed for the entire month.  Join us for 1-hour each, for the first day of each month, to tap into the healing and beneficial vibrations of the month.  Let's set our intentions, bring awareness, and take this time and space to create our vision for the entire month.



            Living life with intention and purpose brings more meaning and allows us to have a richer life experience.  With consciousness and Love, we can truly set our energy to align with our dreams and visions.  We can only create what we can see, feel, and experience in our mind and heart first. 



  • 11 Days, 1 hour each session


What Will I Receive? 

  • Discussion of the numerology, archetype, and energy behind each day and corresponding month.

  • Aromatherapy suggestion to support the day and corresponding month.

  • A breath, movement, seed sound, and/or practice to support.

  • Recording option to re-watch or see the 30-minute video at a later time.


Essences (These can be purchased separately as an option for each month):

  • February 1st: Ginger

  • March 1st:  Basil Linalool

  • April 1st:  Star Anise

  • May 1st:  Petitgrain Combava

  • June 1st:  Roman Chamomile

  • July 1st:  Vetiver

  • August 1st:  Sweet Lime

  • September 1st:  Juniper Berry

  • October 1st:  May Chang

  • November 1st:  Plai

  • December 1st:  Rosewood Leaf



Monthly meetings from February 1st - December 1st, 2022 at 10:00am - 11:00am PST.


Cost of Course:

            $110/the entire year

            $19/single session


Mystic Love Vibration Workshop



Every relationship we participate in has an energy in the seen world and an energy in the unseen world.  Since the reality we can see is only 10% of the whole, then the Universe is telling us to pay attention to the 90% that we cannot see.  Vibration in relationships can be understood through planetary influences, and each relationship has a unique planetary make-up.  Learn how to understand the unseen aspects of your relationships and what plants best support bringing out the very best in that vibration in this 90-minute workshop. 


7 Essences We Will Cover In This Class: 

Nutmeg $34

Turmeric $23

Cedarwood Atlas $19

Mediterranean Cypress $19

White Cedar $23

Spanish Sage $37

Sugandha Kokila $25


What You Will Receive:

  • Learn about the planets that influence the relationships you have in your life.

  • Learn which plant essences will support the greatest harmony in each relationship vibration.


***Essences are not included with the course unless you sign up for "Mystic Love Vibration Workshop & Essences To Support" for $200.  Please remember to include your shipping address in the message box with your order.


When:  Replay Available (Recorded February 12, 2022)


Where:  YouTube Private Group Link


What To Bring:  Essences (optional), Water To Drink, Paper and Pen to Take Notes (optional), and a Smile.


Cost:  Class $30  OR

      Essences with Class $200

      (Actual cost is $30 Class + $180 Essences + $10 Shipping)

What is a Mystic Medicine Circle?


Please join Joshua and Lemia, for a unique two-hour workshop journey into the heart of the inner mystic.  Experience nature through medicinal aromatherapy, connect to energies guiding your primary planet, chant with your own unique and healing voice, and receive vibrational healing through ancient indigenous sounds of the gong, crystal didgeridoo, crystal singing bowl, Tibetan singing bowls, and the Native American Flute.  This sensory experience is a guided journey into remembering your strengths and empowering you to align to the highest frequencies available for health, Love, abundance, and joy.  This workshop includes sacred plant and tree essence anointing, wisdom of the Laws of Nature, live music, sound bath, mantra meditation, and so much LOVE!

Join Us For Two Mystic Medicine Circles - Summer 2022...

DisclosureFest June 18th & Sedona Yoga Festival June 2nd-5th

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