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Our History 

Sacred Scents Aromatherapy was founded by Joshua Bowser and Lemia Astarabadi on 11/11/2019 in San Clemente, California. Out of a need to sustainably source our own medicine, we searched for farmers and suppliers that believed in the high-integrity
practices that we stood for, and we hand curated our own line based on what we resonated with and what resonated with us.  By hand-pouring each bottle, making our own labels, and infusing sacred sound vibration into every essential oil, the plant medicine we share is treated with Love and care from nature, to our hearts and hands, to you.

Our Philosophy

We believe that energy starts at the top of a business. As people, we consciously meditate and work on ourselves daily to be the best we can be and honor the sacredness of this planet and the medicine that she provides us so graciously. Those that connect with our frequency and dedication to Love will find us.

We believe in the power of organic and wild-crafted, non-sprayed essences. Since we anoint directly onto the skin “neat”, we desire to have the highest quality and integrity product on the market.


We provide an authentic, experiential, and heart-based educational approach to the Plant Kingdom. Integrating the connection between the mind, the emotions, and the
physical manifestations of health, our approach offers an ability to become both aware and accountable for our own personal healing journey


Our goals are to help people on the road to self-healing, offer a variety of the highest- grade single, hand-poured, mantra-infused plant essences on the planet, help to educate the hearts and minds of those who wish to learn the Laws of Nature and ways to heal themselves, and in turn heal the planet, and to spread Love in all the ways that we possibly can.


The Power of Plants 

The Plant Kingdom has been guiding us both to this endeavor for the past two decades. Both of us have taught children about nature and have experienced our own initiations into the power of healing that is found in plants. We have both used and taught about how to work with essential oils for healing the self since 2007. With many years of experience working with essential oils, we have learned what we resonate with and what we feel is ethical and righteous in this realm of plant medicine. This company is our opportunity to do right by our clients by maintaining the highest integrity for the greater good of all life and this planet. The bottom line for us is Love. It is our greatest desire to be a consistent, high frequency, honest, education-based, high-integrity, heart-centered company that serves the greater good for the highest good of all, abundantly and successfully.

Sacred Scents Aromatherapy
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